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104 wire connectors Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing ATP Series Sealed Connectors ATP Series Harsh Environment Sealed Connectors ATP Series connectors designed as a high-performance, cost-effective, thermoplastic solution to be used within the Marine, Heavy Equipment, Agricultural, Automotive, and Alternative Energy fields, as well as other demanding interconnect applications. Available in 2 and 4 position options, the ATP Series Connectors contain superior environmental seals, seal retention capabilities, and are designed for use with 10-14 ga wire with size 12 contacts handling up to 25A. To complete an assembly, one receptacle/plug housing, a wedge, and the appropriate number of pins/sockets are required. ATP Series connectors are compatible with Deutsch DTP housings/assemblies. Operating temperature range: -55C to 125C (-67F to 257F). ATP Series Wedges ATP Series plug wedges are made from a thermoplastic material and are a necessary component in aligning the socket contacts into proper position within the plug. One wedge in the appropriate configuration (2 or 4) is required per receptacle/plug housing to complete the assembly. (ATP Series wedges DO NOT interchange with Deutsch DTP Series wedges) ATP Series Pins and Sockets Pin and socket contacts complete the electrical connection for ATP Series housing assemblies. Contacts are available with either a stamped/formed barrel or a solid barrel, and are derived from quality copper alloy to ensure an electrically-reliable connection. Contacts and plugs are interchangeable and mate directly with Deutsch DTP Series. description receptacle plug 2-way housing 14082200 14082100 4-way housing 14084200 14084100 description receptacle plug 2-way wedge 14182200 14182100 4-way wedge 14184200 14184100 description gauge pin socket stamped/formed 14-12 14601201 14621201 nickel, solid crimp 14-12 14602041 14602031 14082200 14082100 14182200 14182100 14621201 14602041 NEW Related Products Mini Fuse Kit page 54 Time Delay Relays page 193 Super Duty Expandable Sleeving page 53 NEW

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