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115 switches f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Call 1.800.654.4757 for volume pricing and other hardware configurations Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Surf 'N Turf Guardian Series Slim design allows for use when space is limited. Base and actuator are manufactured from 6/6 nylon material. The IP66 (moisture and dust resistant) rating makes this switch ideal for marine panels, trucks, buses, trailers construction, farm and recreation equipment. RoHS. Recommended mounting hole: .600" (+ 0.004) x 1.450" (+ .004). 73280 See above for dimensions rocker color or description termination no. of terminals circuit poles A B C .250 flat ratings S.P.S.T. ON - OFF black/red dep 73281* 3 20A @ 14V DC S.P.S.T. ON - OFF black/black 73280 2 18A @ 125V AC 10A @ 250V AC 3 /4 HP@125-250 AC 10A @ 24V DC S.P.S.T. (ON) - OFF black/red 73285 2 S.P.D.T. ON OFF ON black/black 73282DL 3 S.P.D.T. (ON) OFF (ON) black/black 73284DL 3 ( ) Indicates momentary action * *illuminated red dependent 73281 Snap-in Rocker Switch Ideal standard rocker switch for all of your DC applications. These two position switches are manufactured from black nylon material and are illuminated in the "ON" position. RoHS. Recommended mounting hole: .500" x 1.000" . 73355DL See above for dimensions termination rocker color or description circuit poles A B C .250" flat ratings S.P.S.T. ON - OFF 73355DL red 20A @ 12V DC S.P.S.T. ON - OFF 73365 green S.P.S.T. ON - OFF 73375 amber S.P.S.T. ON - OFF 73385 blue

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