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121 switches Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Call 1.800.654.4757 for volume pricing and other hardware configurations double pole heavy-duty toggle switches See above for dimensions circuit .250" Flat screw poles A B C OEM ratings D.P.S.T. ON - OFF 27300012 20A @ 125-277V AC D.P.S.T. ON - OFF 20073120 D.P.S.T. (ON) - OFF 27300015 10A @ 250V AC, 15A @ 125V AC, 3 /4HP 250V AC D.P.S.T. (ON) - OFF 27300020 D.P.D.T. ON - ON 27300027 20A @ 120-277V AC D.P.D.T. ON - ON 20073246 D.P.D.T. ON - (ON) 27300033 15A @ 125V AC, 10A @ 250V AC, 3 /4HP 250V AC D.P.D.T. ON OFF ON 27300045 20A 120-277V AC D.P.D.T. ON OFF ON 20073025 D.P.D.T. ON OFF (ON) 27300103 10A @ 250V AC, 15A @ 125V AC, 3 /4HP 125-250V AC D.P.D.T. ON OFF (ON) 27300063 D.P.D.T. (ON) OFF (ON) 27300050 D.P.D.T. (ON) OFF (ON) 20073155 10A @ 250V AC, 15A @ 125V AC, 3 /4HP 250V AC G-Series: Carling Technologies Toggle Switches These standard toggle switches are ideal for marine, industrial controls, generators, food service, office automation and other voltage DC rated applications. They feature a slow make and slow break contact mechanism. The switch is manufactured from brass/nickel plate with a phenolic base. The mechanical life of the G-Series is 100,000 cycles, electrical life of 50,000 cycles and a 25,000 cycle maintained, momentary. The dielectric strength meets UL/CSA 1000V, live to dead metal parts and opposite polarity. Insulation resistance is 100 megaohms. Temperature rating of 0C to 85C (32F to 185F). Recommended mounting hole: .500" . 1.308 C B A .687 .778 .345 Toggle Safety Cover The rugged spring-loaded design of this safety cover provides protection against accidental actuation of a toggle switch. Perfect for a variety of industry applications, from racing to agriculture. Materials: Base faceplate is black steel; cover is colored urea plastic. Mounting hole accepts all standard onoff toggles with 15 /32 " mounting stems. 73200 73203 73501 part no. description color 73200 toggle safety cover red 73202 toggle safety cover brite red 73203 toggle safety cover black 73500 toggle safety cover chrome red 73501 toggle safety cover chrome blue .437 .370 .286

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