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149 switches Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Call 1.800.654.4757 for volume pricing and other hardware configurations Carling V-Series Contura Rotary Switches The V-Series Contura Rotary Switch was designed for maximum performance and reliability, leveraging the features of the widely popular V-series Carling Contura Rocker Switches. Available in maintained and momentary circuit options, the V-Series Rotary features a sturdy knob construction, up to two separate LEDs and fits into an industry standard panel opening. Internally, the V-Series Contura Rotary uses a patented mechanism that translates rotary to linear motion. This allows for common switch functionality and terminal connections with the V-Series rocker version and requires no harness change. A secondary CAM, which helps drive the mechanism, provides definitive detent positions and prevents the switch from stopping between positions, while improving tactile feel. The V-Series Rotary also features an innovative PC board that supports the LED and surface mount resistors; and IP67 sealing protection above panel by utilizing LED and actuator stem seals. Typical Applications: On/Off Highway Equipment, Marine, Test & Measurement, Instrumentation, Speed Control. Dielectric Strength: 1500 Volts RMS. Insulation Resistance: 50 Megohms. Mechanical Life: 100,000 Cycles Maintained Circuits; 50,000 Cycles Momentary Circuits. Terminals: .250" Quick Connect. Materials: Base (Polyester, PBT), Bracket (Nylon 66, PA), Knob (Polybutylene Terephthalate, PBT), Lens (Polycarbonate, PC), Connector (Nylon 66, PA). Flammability: Exceeds FVMSS 302 Requirements, Exterior Components, UL 94 V-2 or Better Interior Components, UL 94 HB or Better. Ingress Rating: IP67. Recommended mounting hole: Front Panel Snap-In: 1.450" x 0.83". Panel Thickness: 0.030" - 0.187". double pole heavy-duty rotary switches See above for dimensions rotary color number of terminals circuit .250" Flat poles A B C OEM ratings D.P.S.T ON NONE OFF red/black 20001100 7 20A @ 12VDC D.P.S.T ON NONE OFF black/black 20001101 4 D.P.S.T (ON) NONE OFF red/black 20001102 7 D.P.D.T. ON NONE ON red & green/ black 20001103 9 D.P.D.T. ON NONE ON black/black 20001104 6 D.P.D.T. ON OFF ON red/black 20001105 5 D.P.D.T. ON OFF ON black/black 20001106 6 D.P.D.T. (ON) OFF (ON) black/black 20001107 6 D.P.D.T. (ON) OFF (ON) red/black 20001108 9 C Th le Av kn In lin V- dr st an pr .960 24.384 .820 20.828 1.700 43.180 .908 23.063 1.126 28.600 .340 8.636 NEW Rotary Switches

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