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153 fuses & fuse accessories f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Maxi Fuse Maxi fuses feature "diffusion pill technology" and provide excellent time delay characteristics and low heat dissipation. Temperature rating: 40C to 125C (-40F to 257F). Terminals: Silver plated zinc alloy. Housing material: PA66 AW J1888. part no. amp part no. amp 78501 20 78504 50 78506 25 78505 60 78502 30 78507 70 78503 40 78508 80 rated to 32 volts part no. amp part no. amp 78520 20 78524 60 78521 30 78525 70 78522 40 78526 80 78523 50 78527 100 bulk - min. 10 pcs. bulk - min. 2 pcs. 78502 78521 Maxi Fuse Holder Weather resistant fuse holder designed for applications where moisture is a problem. Cover includes a removable strap. Manufactured with standard 5", 6 gauge GPT wire. Range: 20 to 60 amps. Fuse not included; wire color is black. Holder rated to 32V DC. part no. amp gauge 78515 60 6 Maxi Fuse Block This interlocking fuse block allows for 2-pole installation and is an ideal replacement for fusible link wire. Rated up to 60 amps maximum. Screw terminal wire mount. Fuse not included. Maxi Fuse Block Snap-on terminal cover insulates all conductive parts, satisfying ABYC/ USCG requirements. Accepts wire sizes 18-4 AWG from sides or bottom. Terminal screws compress fuse blades within blocks for low resistance connections. Fuses sold separately. Voltage Max: 32V DC. Amp Max: 80A. Mounting: #10 screws. Maxi Fuse Holder with LED Light Illuminates to indicate a blown fuse. The fuse holder is rated 20-60A. Manufactured with 5" of 6 AWG wire leads. Holder is rated to 12/24VDC. Fuses not included. part no. description max amps 73886 fuse block 60 73887 fuse block cover - part no. amp gauge 78528 80 18-4 part no. amp gauge wire color 78516 60 6 red Maxi Fuses 990320 Fuse Pullers Designed for ease of use. Extract Mini or Maxi fuses from various fuse blocks. 990305 part no. description 990320 Maxi fuse puller 990305 ATC /ATO /Mini fuse puller bulk - min. 1 pcs. Maxi Fuse Without Indicator Light RoHS and UL component rated. Maxi Fuse With Indicator Light

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