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154 switches Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Call 1.800.654.4757 for volume pricing and other hardware configurations Universal Lanyard Kill Switch This marine emergency cut-off safety switch attaches to your life vest while operating a boat or personal watercraft. The switch includes 15" resting, 48" working length coil, and weatherproof housing with brass .250" male terminals. The dual circuitry allows for ignition or magneto kill. Can be mounted up to .375" panel thickness. Recommended mounting hole: .625" diameter. universal lanyard switch circuit stud size .250" flat A B C description ratings ON - OFF 73459 lanyard switch 15A @ 12V DC Maximum load (10 seconds): 12 volts, 1000 amps; 24 volts, 500 amps. Maximum continuous rating: 12 volts, 50 amps; 24 volts, 25 amps. Master Disconnect Switch for Batteries A detachable key allows this waterproof switch to function as a battery disconnect, and a theft deterrent device. The base is manufactured from impact resistant plastic material. single pole switches circuit stud size .375" description ratings A B C ON - OFF 79997 battery disconnect 50A @ 12V DC 25A @ 24V DC - 8000021 replacement key Heavy-duty Master Disconnect Switch for Batteries A non-fused current interrupt disconnect switch designed for opening the circuit between a battery and the complete electrical load of a battery-powered system. Vehicle cranking and maximum surge currents to 2,000A based on 20% duty cycle ON times of 5 seconds maximum. Temperature rating of 150C (302F) maximum. Ideal for heavy truck applications. 2-position switch circuit stud size .500" description ratings A B C ON - OFF 79995 battery disconnect 400A @ 50V AC 400A @ 50V DC INFORMATION Master Battery Disconnect Switch with On/Off Faceplate This battery disconnect switch is lever operated to disconnect power for the battery circuit only. The alternator or generator field circuit will remain powered. Rated for 1000A in-rush. Mounting stem length: .782". Conforms to UL 558. Recommended mounting hole: .750" diameter. NOTE: On vehicles equipped with an alternator, the engine must be shut-off to avoid potential damage to alternator diode. Instruction sheets are included. 2-position disconnect switch circuit stud size .375" description ratings A B C ON - OFF 5400* battery disconnect 180A @ 6-36V DC * includes faceplate Battery Disconnect Switches

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