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158 fuses & fuse accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. part no. amp 87100 100 87125 125 87150 150 87175 175 87200 200 87225 225 part no. amp 87250 250 87300 300 87350 350 87400 400 87451 450 87500 500 part no. amp 79210 100 79211 125 79212 150 79213 175 79214 200 part no. amp 79215 225 79216 250 79217 300 79218 400 79219 500 part no. amp 79227 80 79228 100 79229 125 part no. amp 79230 150 79231 175 part no. amp 79220 125 79221 150 79222 175 79223 200 part no. amp 79224 225 79225 250 79226 275 MEGA Fuses MEGA fuses are ideal for battery and alternator protection applications and heavy gauge cables that require ultra-high current protection. Mounting holes are .340" diameter and spaced 2" apart. Recommended fuse holder: 87900 and 87905. Rated up to 32V DC at an operating temperature of 40C to 125C (-40F to 257F). RoHS. MEGA BF2 Fuses The transparent housing material allows for easy detection of a blown fuse. Tin plated Copper for corrosion resistance. Voltage Rating: 32V DC. Housing Material: PET- GF30. Clear Housing Material: PES. Terminal: Copper alloy, gal. Sn. 2 x M8 bolts, distance 51 mm. Mounting Torque: 12 Nm +/- 1 Nm. Breaking Capacity: 100-300A: 2,000A @ 32V DC. 400-500A: 1,500A @ 32V DC. RoHS. UL Rated MEGA Fuses UL Rated MEGA fuses comply with ISO 8820-5, UL 248 Special Purpose Fuses. Max volt: 32V DC. Interrupting capacity: 2000A @ 32V DC. RoHS. Low Temp MEGA Fuses 79220 is silver plated. All other fuses are copper plated. Operating temperature: -40C to +125C. Max. Volt: 32V DC. Interrupting capacity: 2000A @ 32V DC. RoHS. MEGA Fuse Holder Designed to be used with MEGA Fuses, the MEGA fuse holder features a protective cap, interconnecting pins on the side of the fuse block for multiple block configurations, M8 threaded studs and hex nuts with lock washers. Fuses sold separately. RoHS. MEGA Flex Fuse Holder Offers a flexible cover, which allows cable entry from virtually any direction, large wire, and stacked ring terminals. Dovetail features allow you to interlock multiple Flex holders together for a high power distribution block. Bus bars are available for multiple holder applications. MEGA Fuse Block Insulating cover with breakouts satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements. Stainless steel studs provide resistance to corrosion and allow high torque. UL94-V0 base resists high heat. Fuses sold separately. Voltage Max: 32V DC. Amperage Max: 300A. Wire size to meet rating: 4/0 AWG. Terminal Stud Size: 5 /16 "-18 (M8). Mounting: #10 (M5) Screws. Safety MEGA Fuse Block Sealed cover protects fuses from harsh environments and satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements. Fuses sold separately. Voltage Max: 32V DC. Amperage Max: 300A. Wire size to meet rating: 4/0 AWG. Mounting holes: Accept 1 /4 " (M6) screws. Terminal Stud Size: M8. Meets ISO 8846 and SAE J1171 external ignition protection requirements when cover is secure. IP66 rated. part no. description amp 87900 MEGA fuse holder w/cap 500 part no. description amp 87905 MEGA flex fuse holder with cover 500 87907 2 position bus bar for MEGA fuse holder 87905 500 87908 3 position bus bar for MEGA fuse holder 87905 500 part no. description amp 87910 MEGA fuse block with cover 300 part no. description amp 87920 MEGA safety fuse block with cover 300 MEGA Fuses bulk - min. 2 pcs. new product line extension NEW!

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