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177 fuses & fuse accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 ATC /ATO Indicator Fuse Holder For use with indicator fuses. Clear cover allows visibility of blown fuse. Manufactured with 4", 12 gauge 600V tinned wire. 20 amp maximum. Fuse not included; wire color may vary. Holder rated to 32V DC. ATC /ATO Fuse Holders Deluxe water tight body with a water resistant cap. Manufactured with standard 6" GPT wire. Fuse not included; wire color is red. Holder rated to 32V DC. 78330 79920 79922 part no. amp gauge 79003 20 12 part no. amp gauge 78310 10 16 78330 30 12 78335 35 10 ATC /ATO Converter Converts one ATC /ATO fuse circuit into two fusible circuits. Simply plug into existing panel space and the two open spots on the converter allows for two new fuses to be separately protected up to 10 amps. Fuses not included. Holder rated to 32V DC. ATC /ATO Battery Terminal Mount Fuse Block Easily add up to 4 fused circuits with insulating cover to the terminal of a battery. Mounts on the battery terminal stud. Screw terminals for securing wires. Four nylon insulated ring terminals included. Insulating cover included. Includes 1 fuse. Voltage Max: 32VDC. Amperage Max. per circuit: 30A. Amperage Max. per block: 100A. Accepts ATO or ATC fuses. Screw Terminal: #8-32 screws with captive star lock washer. Mounting Thru-hole: Clearance for 3 /8 " (M10) stud. 79921 includes the 79920 plus a tin-plated copper negative bus and cover. ATC /ATO Independent Source Fuse Block ATC /ATO fuse block consolidates branch circuits and eliminates in-line fuses. Can be used for 24-hour circuits and switched circuit in same block. Screw terminals for securing wires accept ring terminals. Clear insulating cover with label recesses and storage for one fuse, satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements. Easy to open, push button latch for each access to fuses. Tin-plated copper busses and fuse clips. Fuse block with cover includes 20 write-on circuit labels and two terminal block jumpers. Fuses sold separately. Voltage Max: 32VDC. Amperage Max per circuit: 30A. Amperage Max per jumped circuit group: 40A. Screw Terminal: #8-32 screws with captive star lock washer. Mounting: #8 screw (M4). part no. amp gauge 79040 10 16 part no. description amp 79920 battery terminal mount fuse block 100 79921 battery terminal mount fuse block kit 100 part no. description amp 79922 fuse block with screw terminals, 6 circuits, with cover 30 79923 fuse block with screw terminals, 6 circuits 30 NEW 79920 N W EW W 79922 N W EW ATC /ATO Fuse Holder with LED Light ATC /ATO fuse holder with LED warning light to indicate a blown fuse. The black fuse body is PVC and rated to 105C. Manufactured with 4" AWG wire leads. Holder is rated to 12/24V DC. Fuses not included. IP55 rated. part no. amp gauge wire color 78331 30 12 red 78332 20 14 red 78333 15 16 red 78334 10 18 red NEW N W EW

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