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191 relays & power distribution Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Change Over Relays Change over relays can be used in applications that require Change Over Relays, Normally Open Relays or Normally Closed Relays. Relays The best solution for full voltage applications. Ideal for use with head lamps, auxiliary lamps, fog horns, fan motors, window lifters, air conditioners, heated rear windows or a myriad of other equipment existing on vehicles today. Engineered to deliver superior performance over a long life. OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS: Permissible ambient temperature = -40C to 125C (-40F to 257F) Mechanical Life-no load = 10,000,000 operations (frequency 18,000 operations/hr) The following applies for all relays unless otherwise noted: - Operating voltage = 8-16V at 12V; 16-32V at 24V - Contact voltage drop( 1 ) = Typ. 50MV at 10A - Insulation resistance( 1 ) = 20M & Min. (DC 500V) - Operate time( 1 ) = 20ms Max. - Release time( 1 ) = 20ms Max. - Resistive load N.O. = 50A at 14V DC - Resistive load N.C. = 30A at 14V DC - Dielectric strength N.O.( 1 ) = AC 500V, 50/60Hz 1 min - Dielectric strength N.C.( 1 ) = AC 500V, 50/60Hz 1 min - Life Expectancy Mechanical = 10,000,000 operations (frequency 18,000 operations/hr) - Life Expectancy Electrical = 100,000 operations (frequency 1,200 operations/ hr) A change over relay switches current from one user to another. Change over relays are used for switching from one horn to the fan, from forward to backward movement of the sliding roof, from opening to closing electrically operated windows and for two-stage uses such as fans and some rear window heating systems. mounting bracket part no. description 73980 NC/NO 12V, 30/50 amp mounting bracket with resistor part no. description 73982 NC/NO 24V, 15/20 amp Resistor reduces voltage spikes which can damage sensitive electronic equipment. no mounting bracket part no. description 73984 NC/NO 12V, 30/50 amp INFORMATION IP54 Rated potted part no. description 73988 NC/NO 12V, 30/50 amp 74990* NC/NO 12V, 30/50 amp * tinned terminals & flux tight seal, without resistor Resistor reduces voltage spikes which can damage sensitive electronic equipment. IP67 Rated Relays

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