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193 relays & power distribution Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 part no. description 74986 adjustable control time delay relay, delay on release, 12V 74987 adjustable control time delay relay, delay on operate, 12V part no. description 74983 Mini ISO relay 12V, 15A, SPST & 15A fuse bracket 74984 Mini ISO relay 12V, 25A, SPST & 25A fuse bracket Time Delay Relays A time delay relay may be used for event sequencing, instrumentation control, in an alarm circuit or watchdog circuit. Sometimes two time-delay relays are used in conjunction with each other to provide a pulsing signal. These two time delay relays can be combined to form what is commonly known as a repeat cycle timer. Delay on Release relay can be used to power a vehicle's dome lights, which allows passengers and drivers additional time to exit the vehicle. Delay on Operate relay can be used to protect sensitive, critical equipment during system power-up by providing a brief time delay during start-up until the system is fully energized. These relays offer easy access to timing adjustments without having to remove a cover or the relay from the circuit. 12V. Time Delay Range: 0-900 seconds (0-15 minutes). Includes mounting bracket. DELAY ON RELEASE - Power must be continuously applied to the input terminals of the relay during operation of the relay. The contacts of the relay will transfer to the energized position when an external control switch is closed. The time delay interval is initiated when the external control switch is opened. Once the time delay interval has completed, the contacts of the relay will switch to the deenergized position. If the control switch is re-closed before the time delay period has completed, the contacts of the time delay relay will remain in the energized position and the time delay will restart the next time the control switch is opened. DELAY ON OPERATE - The time delay period begins when power is applied to the input terminals of the relay. When the time delay has completed, the contacts of the relay will switch to the energized position. The relay contacts will remain in the energized position until power is removed. The contacts of the relay transfer to the unenergized position upon removal of power. The time delay of the relay will reset if power is removed before the delay has completed. Mini ISO Relays with Fuse These Mini ISO relays feature a built-in 15A or 25A ATO /ATC / fuse. The SPST, normally open relays have a continuous rating of 15A or 25A. The built-in fuse bracket eliminates the need for a separate fuse holder, saving both space and materials. Both models have a mounting bracket and are rated to 10,000,000 mechanical cycles. Contact material is Silver-nickel alloy. Nominal Voltage: 12V. Ambient Temperature: -40C to 85C. Maximum Coil Voltage: 24V. IP54 rated. NEW NEW N W EW W part no. description 74989 custom diode module, 6 diode array Custom Diode Module Diode Blocks can be used in many automotive applications including A/C circuits such as compressors and fans. Diode blocks can be used to suppress voltage spikes in circuits for sensitive electronic devices to prevent damage. They can also be used with trailer light wiring to combine signals without back feeding upstream components. The opposing diode configuration (one input to each diode with a combined output from the diodes) of these blocks allows two different power feeds to supply one circuit without back feed and shorting to each other. Fits 5 to 9 terminal block (73561). NEW N W EW W Time Delay Relay The Time-Delay Relay has a solid state timing circuit with a variable resistor, that allows for an adjustable time from 2 seconds to 3 minutes (must remove the cover to reach adjustment screw on base). It is a normally open relay and fits standard 4 or 5 terminal harness configurations. The most common use for a time-delay relay is to power a vehicles courtesy (dome) lights, which allows drivers and passengers additional time to exit the vehicle before the courtesy lights go dark. Voltage range: 8.2 ~ 14.8V DC. Operating temperature range: -40C to 80C (-40F to 176F). part no. description 74985 time delay relay ISO Ultra Micro Relay with Resistor Automotive ultra micro ISO relay features a built-in resistor. A perfect solution for protection against voltage spikes applicable to headlights, auxiliary lamps, fog horns, motors for fans, window lifters, air conditioners, heated rear windows and a myriad of other equipment existing on vehicles today. 12V @ 20A Mechanical life: 10,000,000 operations (18,000 operations/hr). Operating temperature: -40C to 125C (-40F to 257F). C I A a w o O part no. description 74981 SPNO ultra micro ISO relay, 20 amp NEW

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