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194 relays & power distribution Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Solenoid Switches Solenoid switches carry a current that, when energized, creates a magnetic field which produces a high current and force. The primary advantage of solenoids are that they require a low input while generating a larger output, as in the case of a starter solenoid. Rated for 12 or 24V DC. 67040 Solenoids are similar to a relay, but unlike regular relays, they are used for heavy-duty applications like a motor on-off control. There are five characteristics to consider when choosing a solenoid: intermittent or continuous, insulated or hrounded, voltage, number of studs and material housing. 67015 part no. description make/break rating cont. stud count 67000 S.P.S.T., intermittent 12V DC 600/200 - 3 67010 S.P.S.T., continuous 12V DC - 100 4 67015 S.P.S.T., continuous 12V DC - 100 3 67020 S.P.S.T., continuous 24V DC - 100 4 67025 S.P.S.T., intermittent 12V DC 750/100 - 3 67035 S.P.D.T., continuous 12V DC - 85 6 67040* S.P.D.T., continuous 12V DC - 100 4 8000370 S.P.S.T., continuous 12V DC 200 4 * weatherproof INFORMATION Build-Your-Own Relay Harnesses Plug-in base for relay made of impact-resistant material. Utilizing .250" (6.3mm) flat plugs. Terminals are 1614 gauge. Use our crimping tool 990168 (page 290). Pre-made Relay Harnesses Molded 5-pole socket base. Manufactured with 12", 14 gauge wire leads. Wire: black-power, red-ground, white-switch, blue & green-end device. 73570 73572 relay included 73999 part no. description 73570 relay socket prewired, 14 gauge, can be used with a standard 5 pin relay 73572 socket including standard relay, NC/NO 40/60 amp, 12 volts DC part no. description 73999 molded base 5-pole (terminals included) 7399920 replacement terminals for molded base (min. 100 pc. qty.) * 73570 works with any standard 5 pin ISO relay part no. description 73573 ISO mini weatherproof relay connector with 12" leads 73574 280 mini weatherproof relay connector with 12" leads part no. description 73560 mini 5-terminal bracket mount connector block 73561 mini 5- or 9-terminal bracket mount connector block 73562 micro 5-terminal bracket mount connector block Mini Weatherproof Relay Connectors Mini weatherproof relay connectors are available for ISO and 280 Mini relays. Manufactured with 12" leads of red, 12 gauge and black and blue, 18 gauge wire. 86: Black wire, power in. 85: Dark blue wire, ground. 30: Red wire, accessory power. 87/87a: Red wire, switched accessory power. ISO skirted relays will mate with ISO Mini relay connectors. 280 Mini relays will mate with the 280 Mini relay connectors. Micro and Mini Relay Socket Bracket Mount Connector Blocks The sides of the blocks slide together to form a relay panel. The Mini 5 to 9 bracket (73561) will only mate to itself. The Mini 5 bracket (73560) and the Micro 5 bracket (73562) can connect to blocks of the same item number and together. The brackets provide a cleaner, more professional look. Mounted base makes changing relay easier and keeps relays together in one location when multiple blocks are connected. NEW NEW N W EW

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