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197 relays & power distribution Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Single Stand Alone Junction Blocks Single stud stand alone distribution blocks provide heavy-duty ground or power connection points in AC or DC circuits. Available in surface mounts. Dimensions and amps vary by item. Please consult the chart to select the appropriate junction block for your application. stand alone junction block part no. description stud size color amp 71252 stand alone junction block 1 /2" black 400 71260 stand alone junction block 1 /2" black 400 70007 stand alone junction block 1 /2" black 400 71253 stand alone junction block 5 /16" black 200 71263 stand alone junction block 3 /8" black 250 71264 stand alone junction block 3 /8" red 250 w 71252 71260 71253 71263/71264 71252 NEW Pass Through Distribution Blocks These pass through distribution blocks allow one ground or power device to meet multiple hround/power requirements in both the cab and engine compartment of your vehicle. Using high-quality materials, these capable units provide three pass-through M6 studs for easy cable attachment in both locations. Installation is easy, as the two outside M6 studs are solely designed to securely attach the unit permanently. A gasket is included for ingress protection. Designed to meet all your ground/power needs, these blocks provide robust connections, eliminate the need to stack cables and reduce associated warranty claims based on affiliated problems. Suitable for many feed through applications in marine, construction, agriculture, bus, military, RV and specialty vehicles. part no. description color Amp 80501 pass through distribution block black 200 80502 pass through distribution block red 200 80501 RoHS

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