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210 gauges Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Heavy-duty Gauge Kits A Datcon-brand heavy-duty, 12 volt electric, gauge kits provide you a complete cluster for heavy-duty engine monitoring needs. 9200001 is a 4 gauge kit that includes 1 each of the 2 1 /16" water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level and voltmeter. 9200002 is a 6 gauge kit that includes the 3 3 /8" speedometer and tachometer and 1 each of the 2 1 /16" water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level and voltmeter. Both kits include all necessary senders, sensors, lights with sockets, mounting hardware and installation instructions. For a complete listing of kit contents, see page 384. Gauge Line Gauge Kit The Gauge Line kit consists of a selection of four of the most popular gauges within the Gauge Line series - Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Voltmeter, and Fuel Level. Each gauge provides a single scale readout and has a sealed polished stainless steel bezel, exceptional night lighting, and a bright orange pointer. Hourmeters A Datcon-brand electronic Hourmeter records operation hours of your engine or machinery. Choose from a round, 3 hole flange, 9,999.9 count or a rectangular, 2 hole flange, 99,999.9 count. They connect directly to your electrical system via the convenient .250" push-on terminals mounted on the rear of the housing. Instructions included for a proper installation. Hand-held Analog Tachometer The Stewart Warner hand-held tachometer is an analog style tachometer that utilizes a pointer and hash mark system. Ideally used for directly measuring a rotating shaft in an automotive or transportation application. Measures 0-4,000 RPM. 3" diameter, 4" long. 9100689 9102033 part no. description volt rating 9100689 9,999.9 count round hourmeter 12-32V DC 9102033 99,999.9 count rectangle hourmeter 10-80V DC part no. description face/bezel color 4000631 hand-held tachometer, 4,000 RPM black & white/chrome part no. description face/bezel color 9200001 4 gauge heavy-duty kit black/black 9200002 6 gauge heavy-duty kit black/black part no. description face/bezel color 4122201 4 gauge gauge line kit black/chrome Hoursmeters & Kits

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