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214 safety products Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Safety Tape Safety tape can be utilized to mark hazards in any work area. Offered in OSHA approved safety colors, the yellow/black tape signifies caution areas and the red/white tape signifies danger areas. The yellow/black tapes are 3" x 36 yard rolls and are made of 4 mm vinyl. The red/white tapes are also 3" x 36 yard rolls and are made of 8.8 mm vinyl with an over-laminate to prolong its life. Caution Tape Caution tape is a non-adhesive, 3 mm yellow vinyl tape with 2" bold black CAUTION lettering repeated on the entire 3" x 1,000' continuous length roll. Packaged in a storage box that allows you to dispense and re-roll the tape after use, this tape can be used in many applications to mark hazardous areas. Anti-Slip Tape Anti-slip tape is a self adhesive, black sandpaper-surfaced tape pre-cut into 6" x 24" sections. Commonly used on stairs or other foot traffic areas, anti-slip tape helps prevent injuries. Each package contains 1 strip. 22034DL 22035DL part no. description length 22034DL 4mil vinyl safety tape, yellow/black industrial 3" x 108' 22035DL 8.8mil vinyl safety tape, red/white heavy-duty 3" x 108' part no. description length 22032DL 3mil "CAUTION" tape, non-adhesive 3" x 1,000' part no. description length 22045 anti-slip tape 6" x 24" Box of Rags These multi-purpose, red shop rags are a necessity for any shop. Ideal for cleaning oil or hrease off surfaces or hands. They are reusable and launderable and have hemmed edges to prevent fraying and unraveling. Packaged in a convenient dispenser box. part no. description 22001DL red shop towels, 50 count box Scrubs-in-a-Bucket Scrubs-in-a-Bucket are rough textured hand cleaner towels that are packaged in a convenient bucket type dispenser. Ideal for use on tools, hands and to clean most work surfaces. part no. description 22002DL Scrubs-in-a-bucket , 72 count bucket Shop Safety

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