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218 service supplies Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Car Covers The PolyPro fabric is a water replant material that sheds water and breathes to reduce the buildup of mold and mildew. The soft fabric and tie downs will not scratch paint. Each car cover comes with an attached satchel for easy storage and can be used to anchor the cover to the car. Comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Auto Windshield Cover Keep harmful UV rays from fading the dashboard and save time in the bitter cold scraping off ice and snow with a windshield protective cover. One size fits all standard windshields. It attaches in minutes with two click-close straps that run through the inside of the vehicle and easily folds up into a convenient storage case when not in use. Hitch Totes Dont let your trailer hitches and accessories bounce around loosely in your backseat or trunk where they can get lost or damage your vehicle. Store them in an easy-to-carry case. The hitch totes feature padded cases to protect both hitches and vehicles. They also have convenient storage pockets for pins and locks with rip-and-grip closure tabs. The handles make for easy carrying and the big zippers are easy to open and close. automobile part no. description size 16144105 car cover, Polypro1, compact 175" 16144106 car cover, Polypro1, sedans 176" - 190" 16144104 car cover, Polypro1, sedans 191" - 210" 16144101 car cover, Polypro1, crossover 176" - 190" part no. description size 16144401 auto windshield cover, silver 67"W X 27"H part no. description size 16144201 standard black tote up to 18" extension & 8" drop 16144202 standard Realtreecamoflage tote up to 18" extension & 8" drop 16144203 tri-ball black tote up to 12 "L X 8"W X 5"H SUV/truck part no. description size 16144107 SUV/truck cover, Polypro1, compact 187" 16144108 SUV/truck cover, Polypro1, full size 188" - 230" 16144109 SUV/truck cover, Polypro1, crew cab 231" - 262" Covers & Totes

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