Del City Interactive Catalog Page 242

242 trailer hitches & accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing CURT22411 CURT22315 CURT20002 CURT22200 CURT22322 tow hooks part no. description GTW lbs CURT22401 heavy-duty, chrome tow hook, packaged 10,000 CURT22411 heavy-duty, black tow hook, packaged 10,000 CURT22420 heavy-duty, chrome tow hook, bulk 10,000 CURT22430 heavy-duty, black tow hook, bulk 10,000 anti-rattle kits part no. description CURT22315 1" plastic ant-rattle kit CURT22321 2" yellow zinc anti-rattle kit CURT23590 5 /8 " diameter lock w/M16-2.0 threads tow mirror part no. description CURT20002 adjustable, 4" to 11" tall extended mirror tow pouch part no. description CURT22200 17" x 11" tow pouch finishing pack part no. description CURT22322 panel, threshold retainers and plugs, 50 pcs CURT22315 CURT22411 CURT20002 CURT2220 CURT22322 * Hooks include all hardware.

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