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243 trailer hitches & accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Under-bed Double Lock Gooseneck Hitches Help keep your hitches clean from foreign debris for optimal performance. Choose from receiver and ball covers, to safety chain assemblies and quick links. CURT60600 CURT60602 CURT60630 CURT61652 under-bed double lock gooseneck part no. description GTW/TW lbs CURT60607 gooseneck hitch for 2011 Chevrolet 2500/3500. 30,000/6,000 CURT60615 gooseneck hitch for '07-08 new body Chevrolet 1500 only 30,000/6,000 CURT60620 gooseneck hitch for Nissan Titan only 30,000/6,000 CURT60625 gooseneck hitch for Toyota Tundra only 30,000/6,000 under-bed quick goose II gooseneck part no. description GTW/TW lbs CURT60630 goose II hitch for use with under-bed install kit 30,000/6,000 CURT60640 goose II hitch for use with most Dodge Ram trucks 30,000/6,000 under-bed folding ball gooseneck hitch part no. description GTW/TW lbs CURT61652 2 5 /16 " folding ball hitch 30,000/6,000 under-bed gooseneck accessories part no. description CURT60602 4" offset ball CURT60603 1" high-rise ball CURT60606* install tool * For use with CURT60607, CURT60615, CURT60620 and CURT60625 Truck Bed Hitches

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