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244 trailer hitches & accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing All Models: Brake, fuel and electrical lines may need to be loosened or repositioned. Heat shield requires modification or removal. 1. Passengers side wheel well must be noticed for frame rail access 2. Parking brake cable bracket may require relocation. 3. Exhaust may have to be permanently lowered on '05 and newer models. 4. Vacuum canister requires relocation (kit included). 5. Ball cannot be turned over, brake lines must be cable tied (ties included). 6. Do not invert ball with heavy loads on 2 wheel drive models. make/model style years double lock goose II rail kits notes CHEVERLOT/GMC 1500 & 2500LD Silverado/Sierra new body, 69.3", 78.7" & 97.6" beds 11-Jul CURT60615 CURT60632 no drilling classic body only 99-07 - CURT60630 CURT60652 no drilling 2500HD & 3500 Silverado/Sierra long and short beds 2011 CURT60607 CURT60604 no drilling classic and new body 10-Jan - CURT60630 CURT60652 no drilling, 4 2500 & 3500 old body, long and short beds 99-00 - CURT60630 CURT60631 no drilling Ful Size Pickup Trucks not 34" frame (O.D.) 88-98 - CURT60630 CURT60631 no drilling DODGE Ram 1500 all beds 09-11 - CURT60657 no drilling 09-10 - no drilling 02-08 - CURT60640 CURT60659 no drilling, 1, 2 all 94-01 - CURT60640 CURT60635 no drilling Ram 2500 & 3500 all beds 03-11 - CURT60640 CURT60659 no drilling, 1, 2 all 94-02 - CURT60640 CURT60635 no drilling FORD F-150 all beds 04-11 - CURT60630 CURT60641 no drilling 97-03 - CURT60630 CURT60637 no drilling 80-96 - CURT60630 CURT60636 no drilling, 1 heritage edition only 2004 - CURT60630 CURT60637 no drilling F-250 Light Duty all 97-03 - CURT60630 CURT60637 no drilling F-250 & F-350 Super Duty all 11-12 - CURT60630 CURT60644 no drilling, 3 including air bag overload 99-10 - CURT60640 CURT60644 no drilling, 3 99-10 - CURT60640 no drilling, 3 F-250 & F-350 without overload springs 80-98 - CURT60630 CURT60636 no drilling with overload springs 80-98 - CURT60630 CURT60636 F-450 Super Duty all except cab and chasis 08-12 - CURT60640 CURT60644 no drilling, 3 0810 - CURT60640 no drilling, 3 NISSAN Titan along and short beds 04-11 CURT60620 CURT60664 no drilling, 1 Tundra all beds 00-06 CURT60625 CURT60665 no drilling, 6 Under-bed Installation Kits The under-bed installation kits are designed to be used with the CURT Double Lock Gooseneck, CURT Quick Goose II Gooseneck or CURT Folding Ball Gooseneck hitches. They fit on multiple vehicles and are rated to the vehicle's max gross towing weight. All components are laser cut for precise fit and have easy to follow installation instructions.

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