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246 trailer hitches & accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing CURT65500 CURT16085 X5 5th wheel adapter double lock plate part no. description CURT16210 adapter plate, round style for CURT products CURT16310 adapter plate, square style for competitive products 5th wheel rail spyder gooseneck part no. description CURT16085 spyder gooseneck, 2 5 /16 " welded ball, carbide finish 5th wheel bent plate gooseneck part no. description GTW/TW lbs CURT16055 bent plate gooseneck, 2 5 /16 " ball w/3" offset 25,000 CURT65500 CURT16085 make/model style years 20K 30K notes CHEVERLOT/GMC 1500 C/K Series long bed 88-98 CURT61103 CURT61503 short bed 88-98 CURT61104 CURT61504 1500 Silverado/Sierra Series new body only, all beds 07-10 CURT61231 CURT61331 classic body, all beds 99-07 CURT61241 CURT61341 no drilling 2500 & 3500 C/K Series long bed (old body) 99-00 CURT61103 CURT61503 long bed 88-00 CURT61103 CURT61503 short bed (old body) 99-00 CURT61104 CURT61504 short bed 88-00 CURT61104 CURT61504 2500HD/3500 Silverado/Sierra all beds 2011 CURT61200 CURT61301 no drilling new and classic body 01-10 CURT61241 CURT61341 no drilling 2500 Light Duty Silverado/Sierra classic body, all beds 99-07 CURT61241 CURT61341 no drilling DODGE Ram 1500 all beds 02-08 CURT61219 CURT61319 no drilling 94-01 CURT61109 CURT61509 Ram 2500 & 3500 all beds 03-11 CURT61129 - 94-02 CURT61109 - FORD F-150 all beds 04-11 CURT61221 CURT61321 no drilling 80-96 CURT61105 CURT61505 97-03 CURT61106 CURT61506 heritage edition only 2004 CURT61106 CURT61506 F-250/350 with and without overload springs 97-98 CURT61105 CURT61505 all 80-96 CURT61105 CURT61505 F-250/350 Super Duty all beds 99-11 CURT61232 CURT61332 no drilling F-450 Super Duty all except cab and chasis 08-11 CURT61232 CURT61332 no drilling TOYOTA Tundra short bed only 07-11 CURT61225 - DO NOT exceed recommended vehicle towing capacity UNIVERSAL Universal Rail Kit raw finish - CURT61102 CURT61502 Over-bed Installation Kits The over-bed installation kits are designed to be used with the CURT Folding Ball Gooseneck, CURT Fixed Ball Gooseneck, CURT Flat Plate Goosenecks and CURT Bent Plate Goosenecks. They fit multiple vehicles and are available in 20,000 lbs. or 30,000 lbs. ratings. Kits include grade 5 mounting hardware and all components are laser cut for precise fit and have easy to follow installation instructions.

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