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253 lighting f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Several styles of DOT-certified truck and trailer lights, light accessories, reflectors and replacement mirrors are offered. These products are heavily used in the trucking industry, but can be used by construction equipment and farm implement original equipment manufacturers. Resistant to shock, vibration, heat, moisture and corrosion, these lighting products provide a lifetime of trouble-free performance. 4" Round Steel Case Stop, Tail, Turn Lights These 4 steel case lights are ideal aftermarket truck tail lights as they easily retrofit existing lights on a truck or trailer. The steel case helps to protect the light and wire components as well as provide theft resistance. These lights feature rugged steel construction and an easy snap-on lens. Rated for 12V applications, 2.1A. 8505 8500 4" Round Stop, Tail, Turn Lights These aftermarket round, 4 tail, brake and turn lights feature a rugged, safe construction that is able to absorb vibration and road shock. These lights provide a cost effective retrofit for current lighting on a car, truck or trailer. These lights feature a standard female connection and are able to fit all competitive pigtails, brackets and grommets. The lights include a hermetic lens-to-housing seal. Rated for 12V applications, 2.1A. part no. description color 8500 4" incandescent lights red 8505 4" incandescent lights amber part no. description color 8510 4" incandescent lights red grommets PAGE 258 7900 7905 Oval Stop, Tail, Turn Lights The oval shaped tail, brake and turn lights are ideal for aftermarket car tail lights and can also be used as a third brake light in vehicle applications such as cars and trucks. These lights feature a female pin connection and are rated for 12V applications. Amp rating is 2.1. part no. description color 7900 oval incandescent lights red 7905 oval incandescent lights amber Use With 2 1 /2 " Sealed Clearance Marker Lights Round clearance marker lights provide a dependable solution to reduce costly down-time. Ideal for any truck, trailer or other application that requires vehicle length identification. Lights include a hermetic lens-to-housing seal and over 12,000 hours of bulb life. These clearance markers have twist-on mounting for easy installation. Approved for 12V applications with a .33A rating. 8530 8525 part no. description color 8525 2 1 /2" incandescent lights red 8530 2 1 /2" incandescent lights amber Universal 3-stud Mount Stop, Tail, Turn, Backup Lights This incandescent light features a high impact, polycarbonate housing and an acrylic lens attached to the housing with four screws for easy bulb replacement. Lens is dual stop, tail, turn signals with an additional window that allows for a back-up signal illumination. Lights feature a steel reinforced 3-stud triangle, mounting pad with hardware and are pre-wired for easy installation. Lights also contain one each replaceable #1157 and #1156 bulbs and are rated for 8 to 14V DC. part no. description color 7925 3-stud mount incandescent lights red Incandescent Marker,Tail & Turn Lights 2" Sealed Clearance Marker Lights They are constructed to fit all popular standard grommet (8805) and bracket mounting systems. Lights are comparable to competitive brands and have a greased filled terminal port that accepts the standard 2-contact male pigtail connectors (8700). Light within is comparable to a #194 bulb and is rated for 8-14V DC. 8535 part no. description color 8535 amber, 2" incandescent light red 8540 red, 2" incandescent light amber

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