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261 trailer connectors Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS INFORMATION Weather Pack Environmental Terminals The flex-pin and lap-lock design gives these terminals a positive connection. Dual tangs lock the terminal into the connector cavity. Cable seal crimp wings reduce strain on the cable core and assure proper positioning of the cable seal. Rated up to 20A at 12V DC. Weather Pack Environmental Connector Housings Weather Pack environmental connectors are designed for the engine compartment of a vehicle. They are also ideal for use in marine, agriculture and other harsh environmental applications. Audible snap-action lock for housing and secondary terminal lock helps reduce terminal stress, provides proper terminal positioning and easy access for service. Stops in cavities ensure proper insertion of terminals. Indexed nylon housings are rated -40C to 125C (-40F to 257F). Housings, terminals, plugs and seals are sold separately. Rated up to 20A at 12V DC. 75010 (female) 75012 (male) one-way housing cavity seals cavity plug female terminal 75020 (male) three-way housing Three basic environmental seal tests were performed which involved salt, fog, immersion and immersion flex. Between lab tests and millions of miles logged on current vehicles, these connectors have proven reliable and provide a fail-safe environmental connection. 75018 (female) male terminal description tower (female) shroud (male) 1-way housing 75010 75012 2-way housing 75014 75016 3-way housing 75018 75020 4-way flat housing 75022 75024 4-way square housing 75044 75046 6-way housing 75026 75028 description tower (female) shroud (male) 20-18 gauge terminal 75032 75030 16-14 gauge terminal 75036 75034 12 gauge terminal 75040 75038 1. Put seal onto cable before stripping insulation. 2. Crimp terminal onto stripped wire and seal and insert into connector housing. 3. Once all terminals are inserted, lock wire and seals as shown above. 4. Male and female housings connect together until locked once steps 1, 2, and 3 are completed. Weather Pack Environmental Seals and Plugs Self-lubricating, silicone seals have multiple ribs to guard against dust, moisture, engine compartment fluids and chemicals. Cavity seals are crimped to the terminal to ensure positive position of the seal in the housing cavity. The cavity plug is designed to fill and seal unused cavities. description color part no. 22-20 ga purple 75000 20-18 ga green 75002 16-14 ga gray 75004 12 ga blue 75006 20-18 ga orange (mylar) 75008 cavity plug green 75042 Weather Pack Environmental Connectors

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