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262 lighting Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Primary warning lights for authorized emergency vehicles. Four times brighter than CLASS II. Ten times brighter than CLASS III or Type E, ES and EE. Primary warning lights for authorized maintenance or work vehicles. Primary warning lights for vehicles that are required to display warning lights. Primary warning lights for industrial truck applications. ECCO LED Class I Rotating Beacon LED Hybrid technology provides a high-intensity rotating warning signal with no gears, brushes or bulbs to wear out. Eight high-intensity LEDs combined with a TIR optic produce an exceptionally bright warning beam. The polycarbonate lens features a UV hard coating to greatly reduce cracking, hazing, abrasion and fading. Meets SAE J845 Class I (A, B, CB & R). CE, R10. ECCO LED Class I Low Profile Beacon The compact and unobtrusive LED beacon incorporates a simple, yet highly effective and robust, design featuring an overhead heatsink that also allows removal of flange when the unit is pipe mounted. The eight 3-watt LEDs and a parabolic reflector creates a highly sensitive peripheral vision unique to Pulse8 flash pattern. Meets SAE J845 Class I (A, CC, CR & R). CA models are class II. CE, e, IP Rating 67. ECCO LED Class I Beacon It features 11 flash patterns. The beacons have an aluminum base with polycarbonate lens. Vacuum magnet mount models have a switched cigarette plug adapter. Available in 5" or 7" height profiles. Meets SAE J845 Class I rating. part no. color mount draw volts FPM SAE warranty ECCO7660A amber - 2.1 12 - 24 125 1 5 year ECCO7660CA clear lens, amber - ECCO7660AVM amber vac mag ECCO7660CAVM clear lens, amber vac mag part no. color mount draw volts FPM SAE warranty ECCO7460A amber - 3.6 12-36 75 x 8 1 5 year ECCO7460CA clear lens, amber - ECCO7460CC clear - ECCO7460AVM amber vac mag ECCO7460CAVM clear lens, amber vac mag ECCO7460CCVM clear vac mag part no. color size profile mount draw volts SAE warranty ECCO7965A amber 5" - 3.6 12-24 1 2 year ECCO7965C clear 5" - ECCO7965R red 5" low - ECCO7965B blue 5" low - ECCO7965G green 5" low - ECCO7965AVM amber 5" vac mag ECCO7965CVM clear 5" vac mag ECCO7965RVM red 5" low vac mag ECCO7965BVM blue 5" low vac mag ECCO7965GVM green 5" low vac mag ECCO7970A amber 7" - ECCO7970C clear 7" - ECCO7970R red 7" medium - ECCO7970B blue 7" medium - ECCO7970G green 7" medium - ECCO7970AVM amber 7" vac mag ECCO7970CVM clear 7" vac mag ECCO7970RVM red 7" medium vac mag ECCO7970BVM blue 7" medium vac mag ECCO7970GVM green 7" medium vac mag CLASS I- CLASS II- CLASS III- TYPE E, ES & EE- ECCO7660A ECCO7460A ECCO7965A Beacons & Mini Bars

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