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275 battery cables & accessories f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Dual Power Cable Links Mechanical keys molded into connectors of the same color only will mate. Different color housings may be selected to identify other voltages, thus preventing the mismatching of the power supply to the electrical output. The single piece housing and modular construction provide industrial quality and durability with minimum inventory. Spring-loaded, silver plated, contoured contacts have a self-wiping cleaning action which ensures greater conductivity and longer life. Housing does not include connector; pieces are sold separately. UR and CSA. Two (2) housings (same color) and four (4) contacts required for complete connection. Two Dual Power Cable Links with single-piece housings. For all models: 50, 175 and 350 amps. For installation in accordance with national and local electrical codes. Assemble contacts to the cables according to the equipment manufacturer's assembly instructions. The following instructions are supplied as a reference. 1. Strip cable to dimensions in Table A. 2. Crimp or solder connector to cable. Note: Soldering recommended for cables with solid or minimal conductor stranding (ex. THHN type wire). 3. Observing proper polarity, place connector in housing with notched side of tongue next to spring. 4. Push connector and cable into housing until connector tang snaps over end of spring; tug slightly to make sure connector is locked into place. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS connector wire strip series length (in) 50 9 /16" 175 1 /8" 350 1 3 /8" TABLE A 50 Amp Housing part no. description housing color 5632 housing with spring black 5633 housing with spring gray 5634 housing with spring red 905050 insulator red 175 Amp Housing part no. description housing color 5635 housing with spring gray 5636 housing with spring blue 5637 housing with spring yellow 5638 housing with spring red 905175 insulator red 350 Amp Housing part no. description housing color 5639 housing with spring gray 5640 housing with spring blue 5641 housing with spring red 5642 housing with spring yellow 905350 insulator red 350 Amp Connector part no. wire size 5643 2/0 ga 5644 3/0 ga 5645 4/0 ga 175 Amp Connector part no. wire size 5628 4 ga 5627 2 ga 5626 1/0 ga 50 Amp Connector part no. wire size 5614 10/12 ga 5615 8 ga 5613DL 6 ga INFORMATION

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