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280 hand tools Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Sealed Connector Tools Designed for the positive crimping of sealed connector terminals, these high quality tools are built for long-lasting and dependable service. The removal tools offer easy removal of terminals. Ratcheting tools assure a perfect crimp every time. part no. description 906475 Weather Pack removal tool part no. description gauge 906485 Weather Pack self-oriented crimper 20-14 906495 Weather Pack crimper 16-14 990174 Weather Pack and Metri-Pack crimper 22-14 part no. description gauge 908485 Metri-pack crimper 20-14 908495 Packard crimper 12-10 part no. description 908475 Metri-pack removal tool part no. description 14114100 AT, ATM, ATP Series removal tool 906475 906485 906495 908475 908485 908495 14114100 OEM Open Barrel Crimp Tools Crimps 20-12 gauge OEM type (open barrel) automotive terminals. Five crimping stages. Five dies make rollover crimps on both stranding (electrical crimp) and insulation (strain relief crimp). For crimping terminal numbers: 929895, 929875, 925735, 925725. 990170 990174 990172 part no. description crimps gauges 990170 open barrel crimping tool 22-12 ga 990172 heavy-duty crimping pliers 12 ga Crimping Tool - Multipurpose An excellent tool for multiple uses. The pliers are a wire cutter, bolt cutter, crimping nest for insulated or non-insulated terminals. Can also strip 22-10 gauge solid or stranded wire. Cuts screw sizes: 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 18-24, 18-32. part no. description crimps gauges 990198 multi-purpose crimping tool 22-10 ga Closed Barrel Crimp Tools Crimps Amphenol and Deutsch closed barrel. part no. crimps contact size crimps gauges Crimps Series 998860 12 ATP / DTP 998880 16 18-14 AT / DT 998890 20 22-14 ATM / DTM 998860 Crimping Tool - Non-Insulated/Insulated Crimps 26-10 gauge insulated and 22-10 gauge non-insulated terminals. Scissor action strips stranded 26-10 AWG and solid 18-8 AWG wire. Two convenient wire cutting stations. Cuts and rethreads 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, and 10-32 machine screws. Crimps 7-8mm ignition terminals. Included in kits no. 277 and 809 (see kit section beginning on page 90-98). part no. description crimps gauges 990141 multi-purpose hand crimp tool 22-10 ga, 26-10 ga Crimping Tool - Non-Insulated/Insulated For 22-8 gauge non-insulated terminals, 22-14 gauge insulated terminals. Crimps 7mm and 8mm ignition terminals. Strips and cuts wire and also cuts screws. Color-coded crimping nest. part no. description crimps gauges 990145 multi-purpose crimping tool 22-8 ga, 22-14 ga Crimping Tool - Heat Shrink Insulated Each cavity is designed to deliver the crimping force that ensures a solid connection without causing damage to heat shrink. Ratcheting mechanism delivers the proper amount of force to each connector. Crimps 24-10 gauge. part no. description crimps gauges 990020 heat shrink, solder sleeve crimping tool 24-10 ga NEW!

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