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286 lighting Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Thin-line Chrome Mounting Bracket Snap-in light design allows for quick installation. Mates with thin-line LED clearance marker lights (7640 & 7645). Includes twin leads. part no. description 8855 mounting bracket, chrome Mini Rectangular Chrome Mounting Bracket Mates with 7680 and 7685 clearance marker lights (page 243). Includes twin leads. part no. description 8875 mini chrome mounting bracket 4" Stainless Steel Security Flange Ideal for theft resistance. Easy installation allows light to snap into place. Resists corrosion for longevity. Use with standard 4" LED and incandescent stop, tail, turn lights. part no. description 8850 4" security flange Pigtail Plugs 2-contact Choose from a variety of pigtail plugs to hook-up your single or dual function lights. Each includes the grounding wire pre-terminated with a ring terminal. The 8715 and 8720 feature 11" of lead wire. 8715 8720 Pigtail Plugs 3-contact 3-contact pigtails for use with standard stop, tail, turn lights. Plugs are manufactured to replace existing pigtails or new installation. Both have 11" of lead wire. Each includes the grounding wire pre-terminated with a ring terminal. 8705 8710 part no. description 8700 2-contact plug 8715 2-contact dual male plug 8720 right angle, 2-contact dual male plug part no. description 8705 3-contact plug 8710 3-contact, 90 plug Ox-Gard PAGE 99 Use With Pigtail Plugs, Weathertight Weathertight pigtails for use with weathertight connection lights. Weathertight connections are the new standard for sealed lights and eliminate the need for flux. The weathertight pigtail adapter is used to upgrade existing 3-contact plug lights to weathertight connections. Item 7210 has lead wire and includes the grounding wire pre-terminated with a ring terminal. part no. description 7210 weathertight pigtail 7211 weathertight pigtail/PL-3 adapter 7210 7210 LED Load Resistors Upgrade from incandescent turn signals to LED models for safer, cost-efficient lighting. One LED load resistor is required per LED light to allow the turn signal to flash at the proper rate. Load resistors generate heat and will need to be mounted to metal, away from plastic materials. 50W, 6 ohm resistor. part no. description 7282 resistor with 11" lead 7283 resistor with 9.5" lead & female PL-3 plug 7282 7282 NEW

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