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288 lighting Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Auxiliary 12 Volt Lighter Socket Lighter plug with protective snap-on cover. Standard .250" push-on terminals for wire connection. 1.10" mounting hole. Snap-in Female Lighter Socket Lighter plug with protective snap-on cover. Fast mounting expandable clips. Under dash mounting bracket included. Deluxe 12 Volt Plug & Receptacle Plug locks into receptacle and provides a waterproof seal. Easy to install, with supplied mounting plate for front panel installation, or locking ring for rear access installation. Watertight sealing cap on the receptacle; moisture proof sealing ring on the plug. Compatible with standard 12V plug and receptacles. Plug has an internal strain relief and cord seal, with an interchangeable 10A fuse. Dual USB Charger & Receptacle An expansion of the durable SeaLink12V product line, the combination Dual USB features two ports to charge cell phones, tablets and other devices powered by USBs. A blue LED shows that power is available and a cover is included to prevent water and dirt from entering the ports. The Dual USB has a 12 to 24 Volt input with a 5V output, a total of 2.1 amp output between the two ports. The 12V receptacle included in the combination USB charger (73544) is rated to 20 amps, and is compatible with 12V plugs. These products are ideal for your USB charging needs and designed for longevity in harsh environments. 73540 73543 73544 73542 part no. description 73540 locking 12V plug 73542 locking 12V receptacle part no. description 73543 12-24V dual USB with mounting plate 73544 12V dual USB & receptacle with mounting plate part no. description 73549 auxiliary 12V lighter socket part no. description 73548 snap-in female lighter socket RoHS 73543 73544 7 NEW Halogen Headlight Socket These halogen headlight sockets are ideal replacements for your worn or damaged headlight sockets. With 10" wire leads, each socket will mate with their respective headlamp. 78670 part no. description 78670 headlight socket fits 9004 or 9007 78680 headlight socket fits 9006 Clear Auto Bulb - DC Index Bulb This is a standard replacement, dual filament bulb designed for both break and turn signal applications. The filament is a C-6 shape and has an up to 600 hour life expectancy. 10 bulbs per pack. Rated to 2.1A @ 12.8V DC. Incandescent Bulbs These bulbs are ideal for automotive, motorcycle and auxiliary lighting. Wedge base securely holds bulb in place while the durable construction provides trouble free lives of the bulbs. 78655 78650 part no. description base style ANSI # 78650 clear bulb wedge 194 78655 clear bulb wedge 3156 78656 clear bulb wedge 3157 78657 clear bulb wedge 4114LL 78658 clear bulb wedge 4157LL part no. description ANSI # 78610 clear auto bulb - DC index bulb 1157 HID Replacement Parts part no. description volts watts Replacement For lumens warranty ECCOE94001 H3 halogen bulb 12V DC 55 ECCOE91025 and ECCO91009 1190 1 ECCOE94002 H3 halogen bulb 24V DC 70 ECCOE91025 and ECCO91009 1190 1

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