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300 battery cables & accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Battery Carrier Lift group 65 batteries from 4" to 7". The steel handle and adjustable arm have rubber pads riveted and glued to each end to provide superior grip. The carrier features a non-slip vinyl hand grip and can carry up to 13 lbs. part no. description 9900420 side grip battery carrier tool Battery Fillers Perfect for filling batteries, the compact bulb filler holds 6 ounces and is 9 inches long. The container holds up to 2 quarts and features an automatic shut off and double action valve tip that prevents after drips. part no. description size 9900433 bulb type battery filler 6 oz 9900431 battery fill container 2.125 quart 9900431 9900433 Battery Accessories 603DL 604DL 605DL 909685 Battery Bolts and Nuts Brass Bolt Extenders Used for adding direct to battery auxiliary connections. Side Terminal Bolts Replace your worn-out bolts or stud connection points with these gold or zinc-plated styles. part no. description size 603DL shoulder head nut 5 /16" x #18 x 1 1 /2" 608DL OE double threaded bolt, 2-pack 1/4"-#20 909685 battery terminal fastener for 3 /8" - 16NPT stud type mount batteries 3 /8" x #16 x 1" Battery Terminal and Post Brush Removes corrosion from posts and terminals. The top post brush cleans both the battery connection post and terminal. The side post cleaner is designed to clean the battery connection and has a molded housing that can be installed onto a " ratchet head. part no. description 990010 top post battery brush 990011 side terminal cleaner brush 990010 990011 Battery Terminal Solder Slugs A fast and economical method for attaching a battery terminal to a cable. Rough sealed connection for optimum performance. Slugs are color-coded for gauge to industry standards. part no. slug size color 900975 6 ga gray 900905 4 ga gray 900915 2 ga green 900925 1 ga pink part no. slug size color 900935 1/0 ga black 900945 2/0 ga orange 900955 3/0 ga purple 900965 4/0 ga yellow Solder Bar This bar is ideal for larger soldering projects. Liquid Flux Flux removes oxidation in copper and solder. Use one drop of liquid flux on the stripped copper wire to assist in your connection. Large cable sizes will require a few additional drops. part no. description thread 605DL side terminal power accessory bolt 3/8"-16 607DL top post terminal bolt extender 5/8"-18 part no. plating thread 604DL zinc 3/8"-16 606DL gold 3/8"-16 part no. tin/lead weight (lb.) length 8915 60/40 1 12" part no. description 8920 liquid flux, 2 oz no clean 44" Rosin Core Solder Offers excellent wetting action and the flux is completely non-corrosive. Flux is electrically non-conductive. Excellent for electrical/electronic work. Qualified products listed under specification QQ-S-571 Type Wrap. part no. tin/lead weight diameter ga. 8900 60/40 1lb .025" 25 8901 60/40 1 .031" 21 8902 60/40 1 .062" 16 8903 63/37 1 .031" 21 part no. tin/lead weight diameter ga. 8904 63/37 1 .062" 16 8905 60/40 1 .093" 13 8906 40/60 1 .093" 13 606DL 4DL 606

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