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316 specialty testers Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Temp Check Pocket Infrared Thermometer Features a 6:1 distance to spot ratio and has a laser sight to pin-point accurate results. Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius with the ability to hold both minimum and maximum readings in max mode. Conserve battery life with auto power off. part no. specifications range 19065233 temperature range (-31 to 689F) -35 to 365C emissivity fixed laser sighting yes lock mode yes low battery indicator yes auto off yes Digital Thermometer Safely and accurately measure surface temperatures of non-reflective materials. Lightweight and easy to use with a backlit display. Spot ratio 8:1. part no. description 992205 infrared digital thermometer Phase Sequence and Open Phase Indicator Verify proper wiring and connection in 3-phase motor applications. Alligator clips feature color-coded insulation for added protection, a visual rotation indication and LED indication of phase wiring. The housing is manufactured from shock resistant plastic, and is compact and lightweight for easy handling. Withstands 5500V AC for 1 minute. part no. specifications range 19107018 AC voltage 110-600V push switch button yes road operating range yes visual indication yes color coded clips yes Wire Tracker Wire Tracer Identifies wires such as coax, CAT 5, speaker, phone, or any non-energized (non-live) wires, adapter plugs include: RJ-45, RJ-11, coax, automotive fuse blade, and insulated clamps. part no. specifications range warranty 19064854 audible yes 2 year visual yes receiver storage yes belt clip yes tracer yes Line Splitter For use with any clamp meter. It features a 1X and 10X measuring capability. Probe slots for voltage measurement. part no. specifications range 19107100 operational voltage 120V AC AC current 15A frequency 50/60Hz Test Box Provide diagnostics for RV step service. Tester isolates step function from RV power and wiring, allowing you to pin-point the problem, then replace the parts needed. part no. description 909518000 KWIK TEST control unit test box Automotive Memory Saver A device for saving all drivability codes and memory settings in a vehicle that needs to have its battery disconnected. It's a self sealed contained unit requiring no additional source of power and includes a 12V 5 amp/hour sealed lead acid battery, as well as an LED that indicates connection to battery circuit. The unit is protected by a 4A circuit breaker and connects to a vehicle with a direct wired OBD2 connector. The OBD2 connector and 12 volt plug end is connected by a coiled cord that stretches up to eight feet. It's designed to be used with an alternate power source, such as a battery booster pack. part no. description 9900601 automotive memory saver battery unit

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