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323 battery cables & accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Brass Battery Terminals Brass construction provides corrosion protection and low resistance connections. Using brass battery terminals, heat shrink, and lugs on existing or new wire allows you to specially configure any battery cable. 1 1 /2 " bolts and nuts shipped as loose pieces. straight barrel part no. cable size type 906115 6-4 ga pos. & neg. lead plated 906095 2-1 ga pos. & neg. lead plated 906085 1/0 ga pos. & neg. lead plated 906105 2/0-3/0 ga pos. & neg. lead plated strap part no. cable size type 906065 4-2 ga pos. & neg. lead plated split barrel part no. cable size type 906055DL 1-1/0 ga pos. & neg. lead plated 906705 2/0-3/0 ga positive lead plated 906715 2/0-3/0 ga negative lead plated wingnut (for all wire sizes) part no. wing stud dimension type 901275 3 /8" positive lead plated 901285 5 /16" negative lead plated solderless part no. cable size type 901035 6-1 ga pos. & neg. tin plated Lead-free OEM Style Battery Terminals Ideal replacement for light and medium duty. Zinc-plated copper alloy. Ribbed barrel for added wire gripping. Rated up to 48V DC. part no. description type 909065 6-4 ga positive 909075 6-4 ga negative 909085 2-1 ga positive 909095 2-1 ga negative Battery Direct Connect Wire direct to the battery for less interference. Terminate up to four electronic instruments on each set of terminals. Complete with two 1416 gauge and two 1210 gauge quick connect terminals. Positive molded in red, negative molded in black. One piece, no screws or parts; easy to install no tools required. part no. description 901055 battery direct connect

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