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329 battery cables & accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 5369DL 5372 Booster Cables These tangle free cables are a must for any dead battery situation. They are manufactured from extremely flexible bonded cable and will remain flexible in most extreme climates. The cable clamps are color-coded for easy identification and work with top and side post terminals. part no. length (ft) gauge insul. color clamp (amps) package 5367 12 4 white/black 400 retail box 5368 16 4 white/black 400 retail box 5369DL 20 4 white/black 400 retail box 5372* 16 4 white/black 500 retail box 5378DL* 20 2 red/black 500 retail box * Parrot style clamp Battery Cleaner Clean and protect battery connection. The cleaner penetrates quickly and loosens and neutralizes all acid deposits. The protective spray is lead free and fights battery corrosion to prolong the life of your battery. part no. description size 990014 battery terminal cleaner 15 oz 990016 battery terminal protector 10 oz 990014 Battery Carrier Lift group 65 batteries from 4" to 7". The steel handle and adjustable arm have rubber pads riveted and glued to each end to provide superior grip. The carrier features a non-slip vinyl hand grip and can carry up to 13 lbs. part no. description 9900420 side grip battery carrier tool Battery Fillers Perfect for filling batteries, the compact bulb filler holds 6 ounces and is 9 inches long. The container holds up to 2 quarts and features an automatic shut off and double action valve tip that prevents after drips. part no. description size 9900433 bulb type battery filler 6 oz 9900431 battery fill container 2.125 quart 9900431 9900433 Battery Accessories 603 604 605 909685 Battery Bolts and Nuts Replace your worn-out bolts or stud connection points with these zinc-plated styles. They provide a strong and secure installation point for your next installation job. Use 605DL to extend positive post to provide additional power hook-ups. Rated up to 48V DC. part no. description size 603DL shoulder head nut 5 /16" x #18 x 1 1 /2" 604DL side terminal bolt 3 /8" x #16 x 1" 605DL side terminal accessory power connection 3 /8" x #16 x 1" 909685 battery terminal fastener for 3 /8" - 16NPT stud type mount batteries 3 /8" x #16 x 1" Battery Tools The perfect tools for battery installation and removal including ratcheting tools in various lengths for loosening or tightening side terminals, pliers, removal tools and cleaners. These tools can be purchased individually or in a kit with convenient carrying pouch. part no. size description handle length 9900400 5 /16" ratcheting side terminal wrench 4" 9900402 5 /16" ratcheting side terminal wrench 8" 9900404 battery terminal removal tool - 9900406 10 mm ratcheting side terminal wrench 4" 9900408 battery terminal spreader pliers - 9900410 angle nose battery pliers - 9900412 battery maintenance kit with pouch - 9900404 9900406 9900412

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