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330 battery cables & accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Insulators Battery terminal insulators provide added protection against corrosion and harmful chemicals on battery and alternator cables. They provide improved appearance and prolonged cable life. straight insulators part no. gauge color 901645 8-6 red 901655 8-6 black 901715 1/0 red 901725 1/0 black 901735 2/0 red 901745 2/0 black marine insulators part no. gauge color 901555 6 red 901565 6 black 901575 3/0 red 901585 3/0 black 3 /8" stud terminal insulators part no. gauge color 901915 2-2/0 red 901925 2-2/0 black 901935 2/0-3/0 red 901945 2/0-3/0 black testing clip insulators part no. amp color 148001 25 amp red 148005 25 amp black alligator clip insulators part no. description 145501 red, insulator only for alligator clip 145505 black, insulator only for alligator clip RoHS Battery Terminal and Post Brush Removes corrosion from posts and terminals. The top post brush cleans both the battery connection post and terminal. The side post cleaner is designed to clean the battery connection and has a molded housing that can be installed onto a " ratchet head. part no. description 990010 top post battery brush 990011 side terminal cleaner brush 990010 990011 Battery Protection Kit Protection kit includes1- 1 /8 oz. can of battery cleaner, a oz. can of battery protective spray, a battery terminal brush, battery terminal protector washers and a handy wipe all-in-one kit. For a complete listing of kit contents, see page 384. part no. description pieces 990012 battery protection kit, cleaner brush and spray, protector and washers 6

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