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331 battery cables & accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 44" Rosin Core Solder Offers excellent wetting action and the flux is completely non-corrosive. Flux is electrically non-conductive. Excellent for electrical/electronic work. Qualified products listed under specification QQ-S-571 Type Wrap. Battery Terminal Solder Slugs A fast and economical method for attaching a battery terminal to a cable. Rough sealed connection for optimum performance. Slugs are color-coded for gauge to industry standards. HOW TO USE: 1. Strip cable so the exposed copper reaches the battery terminal bottom. 2. Apply several drops of flux to the exposed copper where the battery cable has been stripped. 3. Place the proper size slug in the battery terminal & secure terminal in vice. 4. Heat the base of the battery terminal with slug inside using a propane torch or similar tool. As the battery terminal is heated, apply gentle downward pressure on the cable. Allow time for the connection to cool. 5. Protective clothing and eye wear should be worn at all times. Solder Bar This bar is ideal for larger soldering projects. The most common applications are for battery and welding cable terminal connections. Liquid Flux Flux removes oxidation in copper and solder to assist the metals in their bonding process. Use one drop of liquid flux on the stripped copper wire to assist in your connection. Large cable sizes will require a few additional drops. part no. tin/lead unit spool (lb.) diameter gauge 8900 60/40 1 .025" 25 8901 60/40 1 .031" 21 8902 60/40 1 .062" 16 8903 63/37 1 .031" 21 8904 63/37 1 .062" 16 8905 60/40 1 .093" 13 8906 40/60 1 .093" 13 part no. slug size color part no. slug size color 900975 6 ga gray 900935 1/0 ga black 900905 4 ga gray 900945 2/0 ga orange 900915 2 ga green 900955 3/0 ga purple 900925 1 ga pink 900965 4/0 ga yellow part no. description 8920 liquid flux, 2 oz no clean part no. tin/lead weight (lb.) length 8915 60/40 1 12" INFORMATION NEW

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