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339 hand tools Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Crimping Tool - Shrink Tube Each cavity is designed to deliver the crimping force that ensures a solid connection without causing damage to heat shrink. Ratcheting mechanism delivers the proper amount of force to each connector. Crimps 2410 gauge. part no. description crimps gauges 990020 heat shrink, solder sleeve crimping tool 24-10 ga Crimping Tool - Non-Insulated/Insulated For 228 gauge non-insulated terminals, 2214 gauge insulated terminals. Crimps 7mm and 8mm ignition terminals. Strips and cuts wire and also cuts screws. Color-coded crimping nest. part no. description crimps gauges 990145 multi-purpose crimping tool 22-8 ga, 22-14 ga Ratchet Crimping Tool - Open/Insulated Tool 990163 crimps both standard and reinforced (double crimp) terminals in 2210 hauge. Tool 990168 crimps OEM (open barrel) terminals in 2212 gauge. Both tools will not disengage until uniform crimp is completed or quick release lever is triggered. Dies have printed key for proper crimp nest. 990163 990168 part no. description crimps gauges 990163 ratchet crimping tool 22-10 ga 990168 OEM ratchet crimping tool 22-12 ga Crimping Tool - Non-Insulated/Insulated Five-station ratchet tool is a single crimp tool with three stations for insulated 2210 gauge terminals and two stations for non-insulated 22-10 gauge terminals. The five-station feature allows the tool to serve as a low cost ratchet tool for electrical maintenance and construction. Crimping Tools - Insulated For crimping insulated terminals. Each tool must be fully closed before it will allow itself to open, ensuring a proper crimp. 990165 990160 part no. description crimps gauges 990135 ratchet crimping tool 22-10 ga part no. description crimps gauges 990165 ratchet crimping tool 16-8 ga 990160 ratchet crimping tool 22-10 ga Crimping Tool - Insulated Crimps 2210 gauge barrel and insulation terminals and connectors. Also crimps nylon and vinyl-insulated, butted or brazed seam and standard or short barrel terminals. Spring-loaded locator orients, positions and holds terminal and connector. Must be fully closed before tool allows itself to open, to ensure a proper crimp. part no. description crimps gauges 990130 ratchet crimping tool 22-10 ga Related Products Vinyl Insulated & Non-Insulated Terminals page 83 Multi-purpose Wire Stripper page 343 Primary Wire page 23

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