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351 hand tools Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Automotive Electrician's Tote This kit contains a large assortment of the most commonly used products when working on an installation job. The bottom drawer is compartmentalized to keep small items easy to find and organized. Kit includes terminals, cable ties, shrink tube, wire, tools and tape. part no. description pieces 9900800 automotive electricians kit 618 Table Top Wire Rack & Terminal Kit This versatile wire rack comes with a sliding top drawer that houses 18" x 12" x 2" size scoop box that comes with an assortment of terminals. Rack can hold a wide combination of 100' to 500' spools of assorted wires. It is manufactured from heavy-duty powder coated steel for durability. Available with and without terminals. part no. description 9900815 table top wire rack & terminal kit 9900816 table top wire rack only Battery Terminal and Post Brush Removes corrosion from posts and terminals. The top post brush cleans both the battery connection post and terminal. The side post cleaner is designed to clean the battery connection and has a molded housing that can be installed onto a 1 /4 " ratchet head. part no. description 990010 top post battery brush 990011 side terminal cleaner brush 990010 990011 Fish Tape Ideal for short fishing runs in existing structures. Special steel wire does not curl up when extended, allowing the tape to be easily fed over suspended ceilings, down walls and under carpeting. Ergonomic handle is positioned to function as a pulling grip and a convenient reel handle to allow quick retrieval of tape. Aerodynamic tip reduces friction, requiring less force and decreasing hang-ups. Fish Tapes Tape is wound directly into housing; no need to snap retaining tapes. Exclusive hand trigger assembly helps wind tape tightly as it automatically wipes off excess lubricant. Form fitting inger grips around reel fit the hand comfortably. Shatter-proof reel stands up to on-the-job abuse. Four viewing ports on reel tell at a glance how much tape remains. Easy disassembly for fast replacement of tape. Includes fish tape ball that glides through tricky bends without sticking or snagging. 250 lb. pulling strength. part no. description 990360 Cable Snake fish tape, 25' part no. description size reel diameter 990365 fish tape, 50' 1 /8" x .060 8 7 /16" 990385 fish tape, 100' 1 /8" x .060 12" 990395 fish tape, 240' 1 /8" x .060 12"

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