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354 specialty testers Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Test Box Provide diagnostics for RV step service. Tester isolates step function from RV power and wiring, allowing you to pin-point the problem, then replace the parts needed. part no. description 909518000 KWIK TEST control unit test box Analog Earth Resistance Tester Verify the effectiveness of any ground type with this rugged test instrument. The low 2mA current prevents the tripping of Earth leakage breakers while under test. Earth resistance value reads directly from scale plate. The Earth Resistance Tester is self powered, no hand crank needed. It is very compact, lightweight and portable for on-the-go testing. Identify battery capacity with the quick battery check. Meets IP54 standards. Operates from (6) AA batteries. part no. specifications range 19103287 OHM 0-12, 120, 1200 earth voltage 0-30V mid-scale 5 /x1, 50 /x10, 500 /x100 accuracy +3% FS battery check yes test button lock yes 300 V Digital Insulation Tester Verify the integrity of wire insulation and connectivity of wire runs with this compact test unit. Use the auto null function to subtract the test lead resistance or the test button release to automatically discharge any charge stored within the circuit under test. It also features an audible live circuit warning beeper. Manufactured to meet dust and drip proof IP54 standards. Tester also features test button lock and auto discharge. Operates from (8) AA batteries. part no. specifications range 19103218 Meg /DC test voltage 0-20M, 200M, 2000M, 250V 0-20M, 200M, 2000M, 500V 0-20M, 200M, 2000M, 1000V continuity 0-20, 200, 2000 accuracy 1.5% rdg 5dgt @ 20M 1.5% rdg 5dgt @ 200M 1.0% rdg 3dgt @ 2000M continuity accuracy 1.5% rdg 5dgt (20 ) 1.5% rdg 3dgt (200/2000 ) live circuit warning buzzer 300 V Automotive Memory Saver A device for saving all drivability codes and memory settings in a vehicle that needs to have its battery disconnected. It's a self sealed contained unit requiring no additional source of power and includes a 12V 5 amp/hour sealed lead acid battery, as well as an LED that indicates connection to battery circuit. The unit is protected by a 4A circuit breaker and connects to a vehicle with a direct wired OBD2 connector. The OBD2 connector and 12 volt plug end is connected by a coiled cord that stretches up to eight feet. It's designed to be used with an alternate power source, such as a battery booster pack. part no. description 9900601 automotive memory saver battery unit Analog Insulation Tester Test the continuity and wire insulation of long wire runs. The enhanced multi-colored scales are designed for easy reading. Earth resistance is read directly from scale plate and is self- powered. The compact and portable unit features a live circuit neon indicator plus audible warning signal, quick battery check and front panel zero ohm adjustment. Meets IP54 standards. Operates from (6) AA batteries. part no. specifications range 19103232 DC test voltage 250V, 500V, 1000V OHM 0-3/500 AC voltage 0-600V mid-scale 1M /250V; 2M /500V; 4M /100V accuracy 5%rdg; 1.5% of scale length live circuit warning lamp & buzzer test button lock yes zero OHM adjust yes battery check yes auto discharge yes

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