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357 specialty testers Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Heavy-Duty, Voltage-Continuity Tester Heavy-duty voltage and continuity tester designed for any number of job site applications. Test voltage from 80-480V AC/DC (4-range indication). This versatile tester performs dual function voltage and continuity. The Sta-Flex, 36" cold weather snap-in leads are spaced to fit the standard outlets for hands free operation. An over-mold of the heavy-duty construction allows for durability and comfortable use. Four Hi-Vis indicators allow for accurate outputs. Features an integrated probe storage. Operates with (2) LR44 batteries. part no. specifications range 19064748 AC voltage 80-480V DC voltage 80-480V frequency 60Hz polarity yes continuity yes CAT rating III 600V 600 V Circuit-Alert Non-Contact Voltage Tester Tests from 50-600V AC. Visual (flashing) and audible (beeping) indicators signal presence of voltage. Built-in safe-test feature ensures batteries are operating properly. Compact design; batteries included. part no. description 990995 Circuit Alert non-contact voltage tester Non-Contact Volt Sensor Verify the presence of AC voltage prior to working on any application. This Non-Contact Voltage Detector senses voltage from 50-1000V AC, and features an audible and 360 visual indication. Other features include operating on a single AAA battery (included), a patented battery test feature and convenient pocket clip that attaches to any tool belt. part no. specifications range 19006504 AC voltage 50-1000V frequency 50-60Hz adjustable - CAT rating III 1000V, IV 600V 600 V 1000 V Adjustable Non-Contact Volt Sensor The adjustable Volt Sensor allows for sensitivity adjustments in multiple-wire applications when precision and safety are crucial. The voltage sensitivity can be adjusted from 12-1000V AC. When voltage is found, there is an audible beep and 360 visual indicator illuminated. Operates from a single AAA battery. part no. specifications range 19064793 AC voltage 12-1000V frequency 50-60Hz adjustable yes CAT rating III 1000V, IV 600V 600 V 1000 V

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