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363 specialty testers Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 5 Function Analog Multimeter Check up to five different functions with this manual range multimeter. It's capable of testing AC & DC voltages, DC current, resistance and decibels. The analog multimeter provides accurate needle deflection. The compact, lightweight design allows for easy carrying in the toolbox. Operates from one AA battery. part no. specifications range accuracy 19200382 DC voltage 0-10/50/150/300V 4.0% AC voltage 0-10/50/150/300V 5.0% DC current 0-0.5/50/150 mA 4.0% resistance 0-1M 4.0% decibels yes -20dB to +56dB CAT rating II 300V - 300 V INTERTEK LISTED CM C US Six Function, 19 Range Multimeter Tests AC/DC voltage, DC current, continuity, resistance, decibels and batteries. Fuse overload protection, except for 10 amp. Includes two safety test leads, instruction manual and battery. Audible continuity check. part no. specifications range 991070 DC voltage 2.5, 10, 50, 250, 1000 volts AC voltage 10, 50, 250, 750 volts DC current 5, 50, 250mA, 10 amps resistance 10 megohms decibels -8dB to +62dB on AC volt range battery test 1.5 V AA and 9 V accuracy DC voltage 4%, AC voltage 5% resistance 4% arc of full scale sensitivity 20,000 Ohms/V DC, 8000 Ohms/V AC Five Function, 19 Range Digital Multimeter Tests AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance and diode check. Easy to read LCD with 31/2 digit display. Fuse overload protection, except for 10 amp. Battery is included. part no. specifications range 991050 DC voltage 200m, 2000m, 20, 200, 1000 volts AC voltage 200, 750 volts DC current 10 amps resistance 2 megohms accuracy DC voltage .7%, AC voltage 1.2% DC current 1.5%, resistance 1%

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