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369 RV accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Weatherproof Covers Protect the connection of female connector and RV inlet. The Easy Lock system quickly locks the cover to the inlet in just 1/8 of a turn. The threaded sealing ring will fit a standard threaded inlet. Both covers will work with ParkPower 305CRV. 103RV 12 Volt Power Products Manufactured from corrosion resistant marine-grade material. These products feature the unique interconnecting system that securely locks the plug and receptacle, providing a positive connection and moisture resistant seal. This system is exclusive to ParkPower . The plug and receptacle feature optimized metal connection points of maximum connectivity. All products are compatible with standard 12V plugs and receptacles. 12VRCRV TV Outlet, USB Port And HDTV/Internet Cable Cord All the necessary components to stay connected. The cable TV outlet has a spring-loaded lift cover, a weatherproof closure and fits FS and FD boxes. The USB port features a USB cable with weatherproof cap and includes 6 feet of USB port cable. The HDTV/Internet cable has weatherproof F-type connections on both ends. The 50 foot yellow cable cord is rated to 75 ohms, with a 3GHz, RG6 quad shield and gasket sealed. TV97 USBA6 Conversion Kit An easy way to upgrade your existing hard-wired RV. It converts the 30A hard-wired power hook-up, to a detatchable hook-up. The conversion kit features the Easy Lock system and is manufactured from corrosion resistant material. Kit includes the following ParkPower items: inlet 304EL-BRV, 30A female connector 305CRV, comfort grip 103RV weatherproof cover, mounting adapters and gaskets, metal ring cover, electrical box and strain relief. 30ARVKIT part no. description rating 103RV weatherproof cover w/sealing ring 125V @ 30A 103ELRV weatherproof cover w/Easy Lock sealing ring 125V @ 30A part no. description 12VRCRV deluxe 12 volt receptacle 12VADRV deluxe 12 volt dual outlet cord 12VPGRV deluxe 12 volt plug 12VXTRV deluxe 12 volt extension cord 12VPKRV deluxe 12 volt receptacle & plug 12BKT SeaLink mounting bracket 19012104 deluxe 12V snap-in receptacle 19012107 deluxe 12V receptacle with old style ring 19012113 deluxe 12V receptacle and mounting pad 73543 12-24V dual USB with mounting plate 73544 12V dual USB & receptacle with mounting plate part no. description TV97 cable TV outlet USBA6 USB port TVHDRV HDTV/internet cable part no. description rating 30ARVKIT conversion kit 30A Male Plugs Designed for use with 10 gauge, 30 amp RV cable. They are constructed of extremely tough, glass-filled nylon material for weather resistance. The wide grip handle allows users to safely and easily remove the plug from the outlet. A cord strain relief firmly secures the cable connection and prevents wire disconnects over time. Matches standard RV outlets. Meets NEMA standard TT-30P. Power Pedestal Electrical Outlet Receptacle This 50 Amp power pedestal 125/250V outlet receptacle is designed to replace or add an additional outlet in a dockside or campground power pedestal. The outlet can be used in most manufacturers power pedestals. 30MPRV part no. description rating 30MPRV right angle male replacement plug 125A @ 30A 19012106 straight, 3-pole, 4-wire 125/250V @ 50A part no. description rating 19012112 dockside receptacle, 3-pole, 4-wire 125/250V @ 50A

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