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370 RV accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing Q-Series 5th Wheel Hitches Features spherical axial bearings that ensure smooth, quiet towing. The dual jaws provide a 360 pin contact to reduce clanking and the coupling indicators are visible from vehicle cab. Other features include: self-aligning head; lockable; two pin head removal; mounts to industry standard rails; includes plastic lube plate and carbide powder coat finish. 10- year, limited manufacturers warranty. 5th Wheel Rollers Help eliminate clearance problems during slow-speed turns with non-binding rods. Provide 12" of travel from front to back. Other features include: true rolling units; mounts to industry standard rails and carbide powder coat finish. 10-year (20,000 and 24,000 lbs models) and 5-year (16,000 lbs model) limited manufacturer's warranty. CURT16570 CURT1657 CURT16245 E-Series 5th Wheel Hitches Feature a dual pivot head and offer the ease of single handle operation. Position height with four point adjustment. Other features include: two pin head removal; 10 lateral movement; anti-rattle skid plate; mounts to industry standard rails and carbide powder coat finish. 5-year, limited manufacturers warranty. CURT16505 CURT16115 part no. description towing capacity (lbs) height CURT16245 5th wheel 24,000 13"-17" CURT16246 5th wheel and rails* 24,000 13"-17" CURT16545 5th wheel head (use w/roller) 24,000 N/A CURT16546 5th wheel head and roller 24,000 17.5"-21.5" CURT16646 5th wheel head, roller & rails* 24,000 17.5"-21.5" CURT16130 5th wheel 20,000 13"- 17" CURT16131 5th wheel & rails* 20,000 13"-17" CURT16530 5th wheel head (use w/roller) 20,000 N/A CURT16536 5th wheel head & roller 20,000 17.5"-21.5" CURT16636 5th wheel head, roller & rails* 20,000 17.5"-21.5" * rail part # CURT16200 part no. description towing capacity (lbs) height CURT16115 5th wheel 16,000 13" to 17" CURT16116 5th wheel & rails* 16,000 13" to 17" CURT16515 5th wheel head (use w/roller) 16,000 N/A CURT16516 5th wheel head & roller 16,000 14" to 17" CURT16616 5th wheel head, roller & rails* 16,000 14" to 17" * rail part # CURT16200 part no. description gross towing weight (lbs) CURT16570 5th wheel roller 24,000 CURT16550 5th wheel roller 20,000 CURT16560 5th wheel roller 16,000 CURT16505 adapts 16K head (CURT16116 or CURT16115) to CURT rollers N/A Custom 5th Wheel Bracket Kits Mount your 5th wheel hitch properly to your vehicle. These kits help reduce overall installation time by 50%. Other features include: reduces or eliminates drilling; for use with CURT16104/CURT16204 rails; mounting hardware included. part no. description CURT16418 1997-2007 GM 5th wheel bracket kit* * Use with base rails CURT16104 or CURT16204. CURT16418 RV Hitches & Towing The Towing Starter Kit Everything you need to begin towing. Both kits include one of the following: ballmount, trailer ball, hitch lock, rubber cover and sturdy reusable case for 2" x 2" receiving tubes. CURT45534 5534 part no. description GTW/TW lbs CURT45534 2" ball kit, 2" drop, 3/4" rise 7,500/750 CURT45554 2" ball kit, 4" drop, 2" rise 7,500/750

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