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97 wire connectors f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Metri-Pack Sealed 280 Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) Firmly holds terminals in connector housings. Helps reduce tension between terminal and wire connection. Made from heat stabilized, impact modified Polyamide 66 material. Temperature rating: -40C to 125C (-40F to 257F). Metri-Pack Sealed 280 Series Connector Housings Positive locking action ensures proper connection between housings. Made from heat stabilized, impact modified Polyamide 66 material. Tri-ribbed seal on female housing aids in resistance to harsh environments. Temperature rating: -40C to 125C (-40F to 257F). Rated up to 30A @ 12V DC. Metri-Pack Sealed 280 Terminals Terminals are push-to-seal. Singular tang locks terminal into housing, ensuring proper insertion. Tin-plated for added protection from corrosion. Rated up to 30A @ 12V DC. 85040 85042 85018 female 85020 male 85058 male 85050 female description female male 1-way housing 85010 85012 2-way housing 85014 85016 3-way housing 85018DL 85020DL 4-way housing 85022 85024 5-way housing 85026 85028 6-way housing 85029 - description female male 1-way TPA 85030 2-way TPA 85032 3-way TPA 85034 85036 4-way TPA 85038 85040 5-way TPA 85042 85044 6-way TPA 85062 - gauge (mm) female male 22-20 (.50-.35) 85052 85060 18-16 (1.0-.80) 85050DL 85058 14-12 (3.0-2.0) 85048DL 85056 10 (5.0) 85046DL 85054 Metri-Pack Sealed Connectors Metri-Pack Cavity Seals and Plugs Self-lubricating, silicone seals have multiple ribs to guard against dust, moisture, engine compartment fluids and chemicals. Cavity seals are crimped to the terminal to ensure positive position of the seal in the housing cavity. The cavity plug is designed to fill and seal unused cavities. cavity seals cavity plug description color part no. 22-20 ga purple 75000 20-18 ga green 75002 16-14 ga gray 75004 12 ga blue 75006 20-18 ga orange (mylar) 75008 cavity plug green 75042 Metri-Pack 7-Way Connector They are used in low voltage, low energy applications and provide excellent resistance to temperature, chemicals, and abrasion. Use with tangless female Metri-Pack terminals, standard male Metri-Pack terminals, Cavity Seals, and Plugs. Temperature rating: -40C to 125C (-40F to 257F). Rated to 30A. RoHS. description receptacle plug 7-way housing 85031 85033 description receptacle plug 7-way TPA 85064

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