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99 wire connectors Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Quick Splices Quick splices are used for quick connections with no wire stripping. Simply insert both wires, squeeze down the metal insert with a pliers and snap the cover in place. Tap Connectors (moisture resistant) This electrical tap connector contains a mineral oil base dielectric grease. When closed, this grease provides a moisture resistant barrier to destructive substances such as salt water and other corrosive environments. 18-14 gauge, 600V, 90C (194F). 18 gauge: 7 amps; 16 gauge: 10 amps; 14 gauge: 15 amps. Ox-Gard Anti-Oxidant Compound The perfect safeguard for aluminum to aluminum, or aluminum to copper wire connections and aluminum conduit joints. It guards against oxidation and improves conductivity. Penetrates aluminum oxide to maintain inter-strand and inter-conductor current paths. It produces a cooler connection. 964DL 961DL part no. pkg qty description gauge 905585 904485 100 red, closed port 22-18 905605 905655 100 white, open port 18-14 905595 904445 100 blue, closed port 18-14 905625 904625 100 yellow, 300V 12-10 905615 100 brown, 300V connects 18-10 to 16-12 part no. pkg qty description 905665 100 tap connector part no. description 961DL 1 oz squeeze tube 964DL 4 oz squeeze tube INFORMATION Splice & Tap Connectors Pigtail Connectors The self-stripping electrical pigtail connectors are capable of connecting 2 or 3 wires in the range of No. 22 thru No.14 AWG solid or stranded copper wire. The insulator body and cap are manufactured of a flame retardant nylon and contain an EG-3 grease sealant providing a moisture resistant seal. Connectors are UL Listed and CSA certified for 600V maximum, building wire: 1000V maximum, signs, fixtures and luminaries, and temperature rated 105C (221F). 905635 part no. pkg qty description wire gauge 905635 20 sealant waterproof pigtail connector 22-14 Related Products Primary Wire page 23 Mechanix Original Gloves page 213 Circuit Alert Voltage Sensing Linesmens Pliers page 344

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