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151 fuses & fuse accessories f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. ATC /ATO Common Source Fuse Blocks These fuse blocks consolidate branch circuits and in-line fuses. Clear insulating cover with label recesses and storage for two fuses, satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements. Tin- plated copper buses and fuse clips. Fuses sold separately. Voltage Max: 32V DC. Amperage Max. per circuit: 30A. Amperage Max. per block: 100A. Screw Terminal: #8-32 screws with captive star lock washer. Mounting: #8 screw (M4). Positive and Negative Bus: #10-32 Stud. part no. description amp 79925 fuse block with ground and cover, 6 circuits 100 79926 fuse block with cover, 6 circuits 100 79927 fuse block with ground, 6 circuits 100 79928 fuse block, 6 circuits 100 79929 fuse block with ground and cover, 12 circuits 100 79930 fuse block with cover, 12 circuits 100 79931 fuse block with ground, 12 circuits 100 79932 fuse block, 12 circuits 100 part no. description amp 79933 safetyhub fuse block with cover 280 SafetyHub Fuse Block (MIDI & ATC /ATO ) Up to ten fused circuits. Accepts four MIDI fuses for high-amp circuits up to 200A. Accepts six ATC /ATO fuses for circuits up to 30A. Sealed cover protects fuses from harsh environments and satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements. One-piece stainless flange nuts ensure safe and secure connections. Fuses sold separately. Voltage Max: 32V DC. Amperage Max (combined): 280A. Amperage Max MIDI: 280A per block; 170A per circuit. Amperage Max ATC /ATO : 50A per block; 25A per circuit. Minimum cable size to meet ratings (whole block): 4/0 AWG; MIDI fuse block: 2/0 AWG. Stud Size (whole block): M8; MIDI fuse block: M5; ATC /ATO block: #8-32. Meets ISO 8846, SAE J1171, IP66. 79925 79933 79925 79933 ATC /ATO Compact Common Source Fuse Blocks The fuse blocks accept ATO and ATC fast acting fuses and ring or snap fork type terminals. Tin-plated copper busses and fuse clips. The insulating cover meets ABYC/USCG insulation requirements. The fuse blocks are ignition protected; they meet ISO 8846 and SAE J1171 for use in a gasoline engine compartment. Fuses sold separately. 79936 79937 part no. number of circuits amp max. voltage includes cover mounting screw terminal screw 79936 4 circuits 100A per block 30A per circuit 32V DC yes #8 (M4) #8-32 79937 8 circuits 79936 937 ATC /ATO Blade-type Fuse Panels Panels range from 6 to 12 branch protected circuits. Easy wiring with .250" quick connect branch circuit terminal and stud common ground or .250" quick connect, if preferred. No top cover is needed recessed fuse contacts. Molded of high grade thermoplastic. Rated -29C to 65C (-20F to 150F) with a UL rated 94V-0 thermoplastic body. Recessed mounting holes. ATO /ATC FUSE PANEL: Common negative bus with push-on tabs. Common positive feed. Each branch handles up to 30 amps (160 amp maximum total). 70165 70265 blade type fuse panel part no. position/ branch part no. position/ branch 70165 6 70105 10 70185 8 70125 12 fuse panel with grounding pad part no. position/ branch part no. position/ branch 70265 6 70205 10 70285 8 70225 12 6-Way ATC /ATO Fuse Panel Base and cover are manufactured from a polycarbonate material for durability and strength. Screw mount terminals allow for easy wire connection. Rated up to 32V DC; 30 amps maximum per branch, 100 amp per panel. Rated -20C to 120C (-4F to 248F). part no. description max amps all combined 70365 6-position fuse panel w/cover 100 INFORMATION NEW!

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