Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 156 Fuse & Fuse Accessories

156 fuses & fuse accessories Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Mounting Bracket for Sealed Mini Fuse/ISO Relay Panels Mounts to any surface. Two brackets are required to complete an assembly and each bracket is manufactured of steel with zinc plating. Stud End Caps for EATON RTMR Used with ATO /ATC RTMR power distribution modules. These protective end caps are made of silicone. Compatible with Sealed Mini Fuse and Relay Panels: 15303123, 15303524, 15303404 and 15303224. part no. description 15303001 mounting bracket for sealed Mini Fuse/ISO relay panels part no. description 78995 Stud End Caps for EATON RTMR Sealed Mini Fuse Panel with TPAs Perfect for accessory circuits, overflow circuits from main PDM or a main module on smaller vehicles. It's hard-wired for 280 style components and accepts Mini fuses, relays, circuit breakers, diodes, etc. and Delphi Metri-Pack 280 terminals, cable seals and cavity plugs. TPAs (terminal position assurance locks) provide secondary protection from wire pull-out. TPAs snap onto the back of the unit after the wires are installed, and do not interfere with the cable seals needed to ensure IP protection. Easy to connect - wires plug into the back of the unit using industry-standard tanged Metri-Pack terminals. Steel mounting bracket included. Module snaps into the bracket and is held at a 30 angle to allow easy viewing and servicing of devices. Max Fuse Size: 30A. Number of Cavities: 18. Mounting Torque: 5.5-6.5Nm. Materials: Body & Cover: UL94V-0 Glass-Filled Thermoplastic; Bracket: Plated Steel; Gasket: Silicone. Temperature Range: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F). Ingress Protection: IP67. Wire Sizes: 0.35-5.00 mm 2 . RoHS. Sealed Mini Hard Wired Module Designed for use with 280 style components (MINI fuses, relays, diodes, resistors, etc.). It features 60 cavities creating a high-density fuse module with a compact footprint. Without internal bussing, it allows the flexibility of custom circuitry by the end user. The wire simply plugs into the back of the module using sealed Delphi Metri-Pack Series 280 tanged terminals. Sealing in the cover and around the wires allow for use in extreme environments. Dovetail features on the side of the unit allow the user to stack multiple modules together to increase their circuit protection package. These same dovetails can be used to attach an add-on component that holds a fuse puller and spare fuses. Max Fuse Size: 30A. Number of Cavities: 60. 250A Max. Compatible Relay Types: 280 Footprint Micro & Mini. Mounting Torque: 6-8Nm using M6 bolts and Hardware. Materials: UL 94V-0 Glass-filled Thermoplastic with Silicone Gasket. Wire Sizes: 0.35-5.0mm 2 . RoHS. 78343 73842 78343 73842 part no. description 78343 MINI sealed power distribution module w/TPAs and mounting bracket part no. description 73842 MINI sealed hard wired module w/base, cover, gasket & TPAs Mini Fuse Blocks These surface mounted fuse blocks are rated up to 15 amps max per circuit at 12V DC. .250" male blade (side blade installation). Base material is nylon UL94V-0. Polycarbonate cover includes rubber gasket to help seal out debris. Each fuse branch is independently powered. 75805 part no. description branch mounting center-to-center max amps per circuit 75800 Mini fuse block 4 2.559" 15 75805 Mini fuse block 6 3.346" 15 75810 Mini fuse block 8 4.134" 15 75815 Mini fuse block 10 4.528" 15 NEW!

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