Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 180 Gauges

180 gauges Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. AutoMeter Fuel Level Sensor For use with 240 Ohm empty to 33 Ohm fuel gauge models. Adjustable for 5" - 24" deep tanks, and fits standard 5-bolt mounting flanges. Hardware is included. AutoMeter Oil Pressure Sensor Designed for use with short sweep electric oil pressure gauges. 1/8" NPT Male threads and include 1/4" NPT adapter fittings. part no. description ohms actuation 4003262 fuel level sensor, AutoMeter 3262 240-33 swing-arm part no. for use with psi thread 4002241 AutoMeter 2241 short sweep electric oil pressure gauge 0-80 1/8" NPT Male 4002242 AutoMeter 2242 short sweep electric oil pressure gauge 0-100 1/8" NPT Male AutoMeter Ecometer Connects to your vehicles OBDII port and allows for instantaneous monitoring of the exact fuel economy of your vehicle. (Compatible with most gasoline ODBII equipped vehicles from 1996 to present). Helps you improve your driving habits to increase your fuel efficiency, reduce your fuel costs, and realize savings of up to 30% with only minor changes in driving habit. Includes a 5ft. Wiring Harness with 1 wire installation which easily plugs into the OBDII port. Displays RPM, speed, instant MPG, and average MPG. Hardware is included. part no. description size sweep type face/bezel color 4009105 1.0-99.9 MPG 2-1/16" digital black/black black/black 4009105 AutoMeter Temperature Sensor 4002258 is a direct replacement for all current AutoMeter short sweep electric gauges. Not compatible with Auto Gage products. Use product 4002385 for AutoMeter Auto Gage electric temp gauges. Both products feature 1/8" NPT threads and include 3/8" NPT and 1/2" NPT adapter fittings. AutoMeter Temperature Switch Closes at temperatures 220 F and higher and opens at temperatures below 190 F. AutoMeter Bulbs and Sockets Bulb & light sockets, replacement bayonet bulbs, and replacement bulb & sockets are to be used with the corresponding size of Auto Gage gauges. The twist-lock style socket (4003220) is for use with AutoMeter gauges with plastic cases, which are most modern AutoMeter gauges (except for gauges with BLUE plastic cases). part no. for use with thread 4002258 short sweep elec, AutoMeter 2258 1/8" NPTF male 4002385 auto gage, AutoMeter 2385 1/8" NPTF male part no. for use with open temp close temp thread 4003247 AutoMeter 3247 190F 220F 1/2" NPTF Male part no. for use with gauge size includes 4002388 AutoMeter 2388 1-1/2" 2 pack light bulb & socket 4002389 AutoMeter 2389 2-5/8" 2 pack bayonet bulb 4002357 AutoMeter 2357 2-1/16" light bulb & socket 4002359 AutoMeter 2357 2-5/8" light bulb & socket 4003220 gauges w/ plastic case AutoMeter 3220 2-1/16" light bulb & socket 4002385 4003247 4002388 AutoMeter Thermocouple Complete probe kit includes a 1/4" diameter stainless closed tip probe with 10 1/2 ft. wire, a 1/4" compression - 1/8" NPT connector, and heat shrink for sealing wiring connections. For use with standard AutoMeter Incandescent Lit Pyrometers. part no. for use with type diameter probe type wire length 4005249 AutoMeter 5249 K 1/4" stainless closed tip 10 1/2 ft 4005249 AutoMeter Gauge Accessories

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