Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 190 Gauges

190 gauges Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Temperature Sender Temperature senders measure your coolant temperature and relay the information to your temperature gauge. Measures 100280F and 140320F temperatures. Engine connection input is 1 /2"14 NPT thread. Electrical connection is #1032 stud. Sender utilizes a common ground. Magnetic Sensor Magnetic sensors connect to your vehicles transmission and are used to relay signals to your speedometer, that then can convert the information into miles per hour. Fits 5 /8 18 x 1.9" UNF mounting hole and includes 6.5" wire leads. Industrial Gauge Light Kit A 12 volt light and socket (not included with Datcon-brand heavy-duty gauges) help illuminate your gauge face when used in dark settings or at night. Grounds to the gauge at the 5 /8" mounting hole and includes an 11" power lead wire. Illumination is rated at 1 candlepower of light. Oil Pressure Sender Pressure senders measure oil pressure within your engine and relay the information to your oil pressure gauge. Measures 0100 PSI / 07 BAR at 24033.5 Ohm resistance. Engine connection input is 1 /8"-27 thread. Electrical connection is #1032 stud. Sender utilizes a common ground. Fuel Sender Fuel senders use a float arm to measure the level of fuel within your fuel tank and relay the information to your fuel gauge. For use with gauges measuring 240 Ohms (empty) to 33.5 Ohms (full) resistance. Adjustable float arm ranges from 6" to 24". Sender utilizes a common ground. Mounts in position 2 or 4, with a #1032 stud electrical connection. part no. description 9100438 240-33.5 ohm, adjustable fuel sender part no. description 9025050 100 PSI pressure sender part no. description 9020250 100F-280F temperature sender 4000009 100F-240F temperature sender kit part no. description 9715440 magnetic sender part no. description 9062150 Datcon-brand, heavy-duty light kit part no. description 4122335 24 volt light adapter kit part no. description 4122356 24 volt adapter kit 24 Volt Light Adapter Kit The light adapter kit is a replacement bulb for the existing 12 volt bulb. This kit allows for the 12 volt electrical and mechanical gauges to be converted for 24 volt DC applications. 24 Volt Adapter Kit The adapter kit is a small circuit board that attaches to the input feed of the electrical gauge to reduce the voltage from 24V to 12V DC. Gauge Accessories

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