Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 196 Service Supplies

196 service supplies Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Cast Blast Provides a new cast iron or aluminum appearance to rebuilt parts. Perfect for cylinder heads, blocks, alternators, calipers, water pumps and other cast iron or aluminum parts. Heat resistant and formulated for quick drying. part no description color size 13016048 paint flat black 16 oz. 13016055 paint aluminum 16 oz. Paint Industrial MRO High Solids Paint Higher concentrate of paint solids per can. The higher solid content provides a superior single coat coverage that saves time and money with fewer cans and coats needed per application. Gloss finish and retains original color under normal weather conditions. The paint withstands high humidity, splash and spray, but not recommended for continual immersion. Rated up to 121C (250F) dry heat. part no description color size 13201407 high solids primer red oxide 20 oz. 13201431 high solids primer light gray 20 oz. 13201413 high solids paint gloss white 20 oz. 13201415 high solids paint gloss black 20 oz. 13201417 high solids paint dark machinery gray 20 oz. 13201419 high solids paint safety yellow 20 oz. 13201423 high solids paint safety red 20 oz. 13201433 high solids paint flat black 20 oz. 13201686 high solids paint school bus yellow 20 oz. Reflective Spray Paint Coating Water-based paint that provides a durable reflective finish. Ideal for outdoor use and is resistant to gasoline and intermittent water submersion. For the best reflective results, apply over aluminum base coat or clean metal. Can be used on ramps, steps, ladder rungs, railings, ceramic and fiberglass. part no description color size 13016511 reflective coating clear 16 oz. 13016516 reflective coating yellow 16 oz. 13016532 aluminum base coat - 16 oz. Galvanized Coating & Primer Restore the look of weathered galvanized metal with galvanized coating and primer. The enhanced formula provides an excellent cosmetic enhancement to chain link fences, guard rails, and water pumps. The Spray-Galv weld thru primer is a cold galvanized primer that contains 86% Type I inorganic zinc in the dried paint film. Shiny Galv also prevents rust and provides excellent outdoor protection. Ceiling Tile Coating Water based paint that will cover and restore ceiling tiles to their original new look. The coating is fast drying and can be sprayed upright with no warping or sagging of the tiles. For use on both textured and acoustic tiles. Can also be used to cover stains on drywall crown moldings. part no description color size 13016845 Spray Galv standard flat gray 16 oz. 13016841 Spray Galv shiny shiny gray 16 oz. part no description color size 13020052 ceiling tile paint old white 20 oz.

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