Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 197 Chemicals

197 chemicals f:1.800.431.1293 1.800.654.4757 Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Brake Cleaner Quickly cleans and degreases both drum and disc brakes without disassembly. Dissolves brake fluid, oil, grease and other contaminants, leaving no residue. Non- corrosive to metals. part no. size 13066200 18 oz Not for sale in CA or other states governed by the Ozone Transport Commission Carb/Choke Cleaner Quickly removes fuel system gum and varnish deposits. Cleans the carburetor, automatic choke and PCV valves with a simple spray. Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, and leaves no residue. part no. size 13066220 16.5 oz Not for sale in CA or other states governed by the Ozone Transport Commission Brake Fluid For use on US and foreign vehicles where DOT 3 Fluid is specified. Exceeds the Federal specification VV-B-680 and SAE SPEC J1703. Available in 12 and 32 ounce bottles and meets the DOT-3 Federal Standard FMVSS #116. part no. size 13064112 12 oz 13064132 1 qt 13064112 13064132 Power Steering Fluid Specially formulated to help keep power steering units operating smoothly and quietly. Contains anti-wear, anti-foaming and anti-corrosion additives. Meets service requirements of GM, Ford and Chrysler. part no. size 13064212 12 oz 13064232 32 oz 13064212 13064232 Starting Fluid Aids in starting the engine with a special formulation containing upper engine lubricant. Suitable for both gas and diesel. Temperature rating: -45C (-65F). part no. size 13064316 11 oz Marvel Mystery Oil Gas and oil additive that helps improve the overall performance of your vehicle. It lubricates the entire fuel system and when added to your fuel will reduce the amount of varnish and gum build-up. part no. size 13064013 1 qt Shop Chemicals White Lithium Grease Multi-purpose, long-lasting lithium grease for metal to metal applications. Helps reduce friction and helps eliminate rust and corrosion. part no. size 13065016 13 oz Rubberized Undercoat Formulated to provide a long-lasting, tough, lexible and sealed protection. Applying to undercarriage also helps reduce road noise. Installation is simple: point and spray. part no. size 13065020 18 oz Marvel Mystery Air Tool Oil Protect piston and rotary type air tools from the savages of the environment. Prevents rust formation in air tools while providing lubrication for smoother starting and longer lasting tools. part no. size 13064085 1 qt

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