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198 chemicals Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Spray Lubricant WD-40 has multiple uses and is most commonly used as a rust penetrant or lubricant. It can also be used as a cleaner to remove paint, varnish, carbon, gum and is safe for all metal surfaces. part no. size 13110054 8 oz 22031DL 12 oz Threadlocker Blue threadlocker is an all-purpose, medium strength additive that prevents parts from loosening due to vibration, protects against corrosion, and is ideal for " and larger applications that require disassembly with hand tools. Red threadlocker is a high- strength additive that provides heavy-duty, vibration proof, permanent locking to studs and threaded fasteners ideal for 3 /8 " to 1" applications not requiring periodic assembly as heat or special tools needed for disassembly. part no. description size 13062421 blue, medium strength 6 ml 13062422 blue, medium strength 50 ml 13062711 red, high strength 6 ml 13062712 red, high strength 50 ml 13062421 13062711 13062712 13062422 13110054 Silicone Gasket Makers Blue silicone gasket maker replaces most pre-cut gaskets and increases the sealing ability of cut gaskets. It withstands temperature extremes of -62C to 315C (-80F to 600F), intermittent to 315C (600F) only. Red silicone gasket maker is designed for gasket applications subject to high temperatures and pressures. Red gasket maker is rated to -62C to 343C (-80F to 650F), intermittent to 343C (650F) only. Both are safe for use on all sensor equipment and computer controlled vehicles. part no. description size 13061061 blue silicone gasket maker 3 oz 13061071 red silicone gasket maker, high temp 3 oz 13061061 13061071 Silicone Adhesive Sealants Create a strong, lasting, weather resistant bond. Clear and black adhesive sealants insulate, seal and bond glass, metal, plastics, rubber, vinyl and fabrics. They dry tough and flexible and can be used as gasket makers. Clear and black sealants are rated to -62C to 315C (-80F to 600F), intermittent to 315C (600F) only. part no. description size 13061091 clear silicone adhesive sealant 3 oz 13061111 black silicone adhesive sealant 3 oz 13061091 13061111 Anti-Seize Compound Prevents seizing, galling and corrosion and makes disassembly of components easier. Used on engine bolts, nuts, fittings, studs and pins. Withstands temperatures from -54C to 1093C (-65F to 2000F) and meets Mils-A907E specs. part no. size 13065133 8 oz Trim Adhesive Fast drying and can be used to bond most types of automotive trim. The adjustable spray pattern allows for easy and accurate application on fabrics, foam, upholstery, carpet, vinyl tops and other non-metal surfaces. part no. size 13062080 17 oz Not for sale in CA or other states governed by the Ozone Transport Commission

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