Del City Interactive Catalog 2017 Page 216 Trailer Connector

216 trailer connectors Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. contacts male end wire colors female end Molded Connectors with a Loop Molded trailer connectors are manufactured with a loop of 16 gauge copper primary wire between a male and female end, except 8-contact which are manufactured with 312 gauge and 5-16 gauge copper wires. Four-contact, flat connectors are molded with an Easy Grip for fast and easy disconnects. Loop may be cut to the desired length for splicing into a wiring assembly. RoHS. 1-contact connector 2-contact flat connector 3-contact flat connector 4-contact flat connector 5-contact square connector 5-contact flat connector 6-contact square connector 8-contact square connector red, white, black wires = 12 gauge; green, blue, brown, yellow, gray = 16 gauge 1-contact flat part no. description 74115 12" loop 74165 48" loop 2-contact flat part no. description 74215 12" loop 74265 48" loop 74225 60" loop 3-contact flat part no. description 74315 12" loop 74365 48" loop 74325 60" loop 4-contact flat part no. description 74415 12" loop 74465 48" loop 74425 72" loop 5-contact square part no. description 74515 12" loop 74565 48" loop 74525 60" loop 5-contact flat part no. description 74520 12" loop 74540 48" loop 74560 72" loop 6-contact square part no. description 74615 12" loop 74665 48" loop 74625 60" loop 8-contact square part no. description 74815 12" loop 74865 48" loop 74825 60" loop If our catalog does not have the correct wire color or gauge size needed for your application, a custom molded connector can be manufactured to your specification. Minimum order quantities will apply. SPECIAL NOTE

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