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218 trailer connectors Scan for pricing or go to catalogpricing View the inside catalog cover for Prop 65 Warning. Trailer Connector Adapters Innovative one-piece molded design adapts 7, 6 or 4-way trailer connectors. Manufactured to interchange with standard trailer and molded connectors. Manufactured from nylon material for corrosion resistance. Socket material and molded connector wire lengths may vary, but the function remains the same. 73010DL 73011 73012 73016 part no. description converts socket converts plug 73010DL 6-way round pin to 4 flat molded conn 73635 74475 73011 7-way round pin to 4 flat molded conn 73735 74475 73012 7-way mobile home/RV to 4 flat molded conn 73675 74475 73013 7-way mobile home/RV to 6-way round pin 73675 73625 73014 4-way round to 4 flat molded conn 71565 74475 73016 7-way mobile home/RV to 5 flat molded conn 73675 74505 Protective Covers Protective covers for both male and female 4-way flat molded connectors. part no. description 73090 protective covers Trailer Connector Tester LED trailer connector tester confirms and analyzes tail light, turn signal and ground connections from your vehicle. 73097 73095 part no. description 73095 4-way trailer connector tester 73097 7-way flat trailer connector tester Knockout Connector Four-way female molded trailer connector. Weather-proof dust cover. Mates with most 4-way conventional male plugs on the market. Molded with 30" of 16 gauge wire, it's long enough to reach either side of the towing vehicle to tap into the trailer lights. The wires are color-coded: green, yellow, brown and white. Item 70985 is very simple to install, no holes to drill. RoHS. 74405 Patent No. 4,6,29,268 part no. description 74405 knockout molded connector 70985 mounting bracket Trailer/Tail Light Converters Convert your vehicle's stop/tail/turn signal outputs into the needed trailer signals. They are ideal for cars and trucks with separate bulbs for stop and turn signal operations, but need to operate trailers that utilize the same bulb for both operations. Rated up to 3A for 12V DC. 74995 74991 part no. description 74991 trailer/tail light converter, 18"; 3 to 2 74995 trailer/tail light converter, 60"; 5 to 4 74993 trailer/tail light converter, 12"; 5 to 4 w/plug end Tekonsha Zero Contact Interface Trailer Light Power Module Sensors snap over wires to detect current and engage trailer lights. ZCI is the only product in the industry that has zero contact with the vehicle's lighting system. Works with all known vehicle systems, including standard 2 or 3 wire systems, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) systems, multiplexing systems, and low-side switching. Rated up to 4.2A for turn/stop, and 7.5A for taillight trailer circuits. part no. turn/stop rating trailer taillight rating 74997 4.2A 7.5A NEW!

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